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Friday, January 7, 2011

Unfit for service- marvined sailing

Yesterday my friend Harry called about lunchtime to see whether I would Like To Go Sailing.
I spose so after work I replied.
I got to Lake Wellington by 4pm, and the wind was a gentle constant warm movement through my fingers.
The other fellows there had sails set already, about  6m size. So I brought out my 13 year old veteran racing sail and a bump and jump board that is seldom used.
The new harness lines on the boom were to be set up weeks ago! So there went ten minutes, and then once out on the water the setup was wrong. It was back to the beach to reset them properly and out again. Three times. At least the water  temperature was nice- Hawaii nice!
After nearly an hour, so much frigging with the rigging and falling in with wind dropping on a gybe, I was tired. On the plane was good and fast, but in fresh water- the whitecaps are deceiving. I think the wind velocity was dropping.
The last run out, I was getting some cramps in the legs trying to start in the shakloows and water starting. It had been a few months since the last sailing outing, and my ftness had decreased more!
On the last gybe of the day, started well and then kerplonk. Back in the drink, and the wind had fallen off. I could not raise the sail. For about twenty minutes the other guys sailed around me, okay? they asked- yeah. Then they disappeared.
I did not get to sail home. I drifted in to the shore. I walked back along the shore, managed a little sail, and then swung the rig and board on to my head and stalked out of the water to some grass, threw the kit down, tore off the seat harness and stomped back to the van, where a coolish light carbs & low alcohol beer awaited, or cola. Guess which one went down pretty fast...
The others had nearly packed up. My friend had gone down along the shore in case I quit further away to pick me up- onya Harry, but I made it back. Not often I cannot!
Not to stew, had a yak with them, then drove off to rig down and pack up the gear. Arrived home to make pizzas for the kids and me at about 6.30, in time for the tomorrows weather...

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