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Monday, January 10, 2011

#2 sons pc

#2 sons pc was taking toooooo llllooonnnggg to boot up- and then was really slow as well. Like an old truck, took a while to get up to running speed.
I wonder whether it was all the bike and skateboard web crap he had been through, leaving nasty piles of stuff in there since the last exercise of formating his pc. Or the anti virus rechecking everything. And rechecking...
The computer shop would like nearly two hundred dollars to back me up on that.
That's nice I said. We did have proper anti this and that, thanks. 
He only had 5mb left out of 38gb, now really!
Out with old crap. Did that help? Nah. Took out a photo album collection- (a backup- 10gb)
Back up all the stuff you really want to keep. Okay. Weeks later- All backed up? Think sooo. 
Ah well. Bite the bullet, and bad luck as I am going in.... at two thirty Sunday afternoon. Start the format of said pc ( and have a shower while waiting- It was getting warm again) and started re-installation of the OS, AV and of course Chrome and to be done later--- iTunes. 
I was not going down the path of a five hundred dollar pc or netbook! No way! All the kid "needed" was music and a browser for hotmail and facebook... and maybe a wordprocessor. 
So, Microsoft still supported XP so there was monstrous downloading. Rebootings
In the meantime, after a time away for my TV time, and even after said No Not Yet to iTunes because I was trying to get the little box going properly, there it was-  a search for music by iTunes- ARGGGG! 
Rebootings. Ad infinitum! I think there was duplication in there, but really, so much time.
And then, this morning. Finally, a last patch download and Hi Nibs Music finally transferred from the backup, and another rebooting...
But. NO SOUND, dad, iTunes did not work! 
So was the speakers plugged in- yes. Ok then, after work I will check it out.
Get back and... smaller speakers jacked in... and not working. 
The sound board was not included in the installation for some dang reason. So back to the hoarded boxes of old pc gear, haul out the motherboard installation cd, another Rebooting and LO and Behold, SOUND.
Eight hours at hundred bucks an hour... maybe that's why it is so expensive- psychological couch time for the experts after fixing up a dang machine......
Any thanks?  ... waiting.

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