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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Struck down again

Looks like we will have a poor harvest for the cellar next year,
the Vintage to be is half gone already- mildewed/marvined- after being warned last year. By Me!

The only up beat for the fortnight, no, one of them, was watching the Queen doco and where They had been and gone- and was glad I was in it almost from the start with Night at the Opera, when I was in 8th year, or Second Form back then... Really really enjoyed taht.

And having a meal and some liqor oot the NuHooseNuHoose meals and drinks- Initiation!
And some more here and there too.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bah Humbug

Freezer check
Oh oh.

Looking for inspiration for the weegen menu.

Open freezer door.

Steak, chicken, mince, roast, bacon dim-sims... peas, corn, chips. Bread. Ice-cream.

What the? How much is in there? How Old too? And the "ones prepared earlier"?

Hmm, interesting. There is enough for a fortnight!

Viola- for your "edification", some meat products to be sorted and consumed...

I mean, four people, I am not buying a lot, but seem to be Not Cooking A Lot as planned at the start of the week! As the holidays are starting soon, I better get my ass into gear and turn out a few good meals, get some mates around, I dunno- Oh yeah, the last mass invite was a sham, three guests- at late notice too. But we did do a few homemades and had a cajun time! Thanks A-bell and Jen and AJ.

So the frozen pre cooked can wait for party- there's a few lunches. Some steak- and chicken- for stir fri, and the roast for another slow cooked Cajun/Mexican night.

Just gotta remember man! There is savings of at least 14 meals for four- at roughly eight to ten dollars per meal- say nearly $150 sitting there, not doing ANYTHING but consuming Power. Argh! A whole weeks groceries!

So egslaente, go shopping and ..member, remember, remem...

Monday, November 28, 2011

seemed odd after

A family run around
Busy or what? [repost from the family blog but fits anyway]

Last week, we had fish n chips n ChikoRolls midweek at my inlaws D and PD at the NuHoose

Friday, she picked the gels up from school for the weekend because I was off to see my mum, so did not catch her Friday arvo.

At 6 pm. dropped into see my eldest son in The Big Smoke for a coffee and to drop off of xrissy prezi.

At 8pm (late cos had to pick up some flowers!), arrived at Mum and Dad's place, by the sea and  river, not far from a 13 hole golf club!

Saturday, saw Dad off for his trip to help my sister boy and my broinlaw for the Garmin 24 at Redesdale, where the little guy got a third in his division. By the way, it bucketed down and the nobby tyres caused the portable showers a problemo, if you know what I mean...

For the weekend, sat around with Mum, fixed this up and that, installed a new weather station, formatted a slow laptop that they had given up on and hey presto, it just ZINGS along Now! Cos everyone wanted to put something on it for Nana to use, it was very cluttered, and glacially slow that they got another one... Should have taken it home to fix- for meself- but thought the better of it, it would be something the grand-kids can fight over when it rains...

Sunday: Did the leaves in the gutter thing, took dog for a walk once- cos it rained and rained and...Dad gets back and I take off home, with a washing machine for my brothers girl that has moved into a share house in the Big Smoke with mates and three dead laundry machines... cannot believe she has finished study and ready to work in the real world of Nursing. Their place was not too far out of the way, and a simple [NOT] drive home to pick the gels up. And catch up with D and PD again, and collect my gels.

No radar flashes or hidden traffic cops the whole weegen, cos I was Very Watchful of my poor empty wallet...

The point: face to face time with family. Just doing it.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lawns- carbon UNsink of the West

"I Need The Lawns done BEFORE your aunt lands"
Yeah but no but.


Grreat. I really dislike the job myself [ mowing the yard ] and have an aversion to using the whipper-snipper brush cutter thingo too. It does not always start first off. A pulled shoulder hurts, man, for a week!

If the lawns have to be done by yours truly, then Someone is going to lose an hour or two of driving with the Old Man. Or a month of it if it aint done by next week. Zero privileges. So the warning and stuff goes.

And the rain comes down.
The mower is left in it,
the wannebe money maker slash learner driver is Still sleeping in- 1:30pm...
Obviously pitterpatter on the bungalow tin roof Does Not a Sleeper Awake.
Ho Hum.

[ a muttley sound may be heard though... sky? the sleeper?]

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Slow Weegen

Cup day Weegen at Sandy Point
Slow wind days

I took the gels with me to see my brothers and his family down at Sandy Point's shallow Inlet over the weegen.


Sunday- First tried to call brother- signal shite- and nah, missed out. Hmph.So. Played first game of mini golf with the gels. Hmm, another time maybe. Then whizzed down to the sailing beach.

Little bro there.

The kids tried to fly a kite and played with step-cousin J in the dunes and worried about the rising tide and the car later on.

I blasted around the southern end and did my back in, as in, just EXHAUSTED meself! Nearly two hours with a big old sail and skeg and the nearly fifteen year old slalom board. It was fun, and nearly made most jibes.

The speed was good, but I was wondering- Need a new set up soonish? Yep.

A great afternoon.

Drove home, not promising to maybe stay Monday nite.

Monday- Sore as. Drove back down to the shack when school and work was over, on the way had a pub dinner that was just edible and too expensive for what it was. The pear cider was too amateurish and too expensive. Two meals, two colas and cider- Fifty One Dollars. Hmph

Tuesday- Early rise and shine at the rental house, and Pensive Looks at the waving trees...

Arrive beach side early- 10:30am like, and No Wind. Puffs only. Flew the 2nd kite.Also westerly swirling crappy breezes, and Left For Home at 1pm in Disgust.


Overall- family time and some speedsailing. Good.

Monday, October 31, 2011

tested time return

less than a week
a negative return

The Bowel cancer Kit I was going on about the other week- resulted in a negative result.

Yay me. Nothing on that account to worry aboot. For noo anyway.

I wold like to thank my wife, my self, the kids and ...... ....  ...

Monday, October 24, 2011

Try Try try again

I was pointed on a new direction
credentials were not wanted

I am a oil&gas oilpatch specialist. My dear brother managed to find someone that could use a Met- a metallurgist, in his home town, the other side of the Big Smoke. Only by an hour. One guy is said to do a Mon-Fri type deal from this side of TBS. It is that or a daily 6 to 8 hour round trip...

This company really want new staff, and for reason, brother thought I could be available...
The reply was, "slightly off the mark! No worries"

Bugger, but I sent off a CV today, will see if something can be stirred up with someone else via that contact.

Fingers Crossed

testing times

This week was interesting.

I received a parcel for personal colon cancer testing, care of the federal government. A kit enclosed for sampling...things. That's nice of them- a freebie for my health.  Free test and free posting.

[What about DENTAL rebates as as well?']

So. Done it and posted it off. There is some tests I don't want to pass... Unless it is a negative for cancer.

And also got a letter from the brain-man about whether or not he thinks I have MS. Threee weekssss later... Well, he does think I have it.

So that's not a good thing. Either I do or I don't. And I do not really trust his listening and hearing- according to his notes I may be an overindulger in certain legal activities- one to wit- wine. I have cut down since 2007, may throw a few empty bottles in a week now. My own home made red wines actually tastes better after a night of breathing anyway. The Bundy mix lasts months instead of weeks now.

Well now I want to see my GP Anna, the doctor that seemed to know what I had was strange enough to get it checked. In three weeks... Boy Oh Boy, I can not wait. Hmph. But we'll see.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

DIY? The DW Failed this time, RIP

Beaten by Time
Tarn's Favourite Kitchen Utensil, gone.

The Dishlex 300 Dishwasher [DW] that Tarn got us for a kind of Moving Into Our Own Hoose Gift, finally spluttered to a leaky halt the other day. Another thousand dollar household item bit the dust. For the last year I have been trying to ignore the fact that white-goods Do Not Last Forever.

For those that know, there are tricks into kludging a dishwasher back into life, With Out Resorting To A Repair Man, once he has let on His Secrets. Bwahahaha.... and- HAHA, it's an easy DIY!

In any case, for the hundreds of buckaroonies I have shelved out for the dishwasher' upkeep and good humour since 2007 or so [?], I suppose I should be thankful it has lasted so long.

True, since #1Son moved away, the thing was not much used- two days worth of crockery and cutlery used by four people only just fills up a 12-place dishwasher. Cooking gear aside. And hand washed.

And if I were back fulltime as a RigPigGeo, it would have been replaced about four years ago as a "may as well get another DW, what's a grand anyway...?"

But today, I bit the foolhardy unlucky tooth, gritted my worn out gums, cinched the belt and let the credit card fly. Because this week [do not smirk, dear reader], we had to wash the dishes by hand...

The DW had really worn out. To prove it to myself, I took it apart to discover that rust and leaky parts do not a happy DW make.

 In ten minutes I found: The hinge on one side was nearly rusted through. The seals had gone. The safety flood switch had been in constant use for a month. Could not track the fault. So I did not find out the real problem. For a call out fee of nearly a hundred bucks---- hmmmm. NO!

The poor old thing. The racks were definitely falling apart and the cutlery crate was a crappy 2nd hand thing, a replacement for a worn out original. The rack wheels had been replaced not that long ago as well!

 I could have kept it for parts, but being thirteen years old- for what? I am not a full blown hoarder, but the parts were not going to fit any new machine. Ever.

I have to keep on telling myself that there are "No Reusable Parts"... Anymore. Not even for the Still...

The white-good marketeers had me by the goolies nearly, but a bit of huntin' round found me a bargain I hope. Funnily enough, I must have had a premonition, because I had only looked around the other day... And it is a cheaper, less economical by water and power use than the last one, but the sales guy said that these days, it is hard to expect the things to last more than five or six years... WTF? Anyway, I was not gunna try the extended warranty shite he was trying to get me to buy for Another Sixty Bucks!?

Five hundred doubloons lighter later, and 30 minutes of bastardising around the kitchen, DADADAAAAA!

And then I had to find a way to get rid of the old machine. The hard rubbish collectors had done our street by last Friday, so I had to ask permission of a contact to leave the thing on the roadside at their place, a few blocks away, where the removal guys had not been...

Dear Dishlex 300, RIP.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

FIGJAM- DIY heater done

Squeaking squashed.
Heater all done and Heating

The other week, towards the end of September, mid Spring here, there was an ominous sound coming from the central heating motor, built into a the wall of the other smallest room in the house.

Then later that night- there was a distinct burnt dust and almost a ozone smell like a burnt electrical motor...

Uh oh.

There was no warm air coming out... The motor had cut out.

Next day, I called around the local rural town for a sparky or gas fitter to give me a quick evaluation of the situation and a quote, and no one was available!

Another ring around mid week and finally a bloke was tracked down.

He was able to squeeze us into his tight schedule, and came around at the end of the week. I showed him the cretinous treasonous bstd thing hiding away in the closet.

"Well, you may be able to save yourself some money if you can get the motor out."
"why? How much do you think it may cost?"
"At eighty five dollars an hour..."

So I did it. 45 minutes. Remove covers.
Disassemble the fan unit
The size of the thing surprised me- about the size of a half pound coffee can.
That was all that was needed to heat the house up in less than ten minutes?!

At the the electrical motor rewinding shop, the  felllas looked at it yesterday and I picked up the dang thing today, and irt only needed to be fitted with new bearings. One of the old ones was close to siezed!

Back home with most of my money!
Half an hour later- whrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmm and warmth!

So thanks Matt for showing me how to save some dough.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

My way or the..

Trying to adjust to bad  and good news

The neurologist gave me the news, not good, not altogether bad.

MS, mild case of.


Still walking talking spilling beans etc etc

If left eye tells me a thing is red, and the right says, Nah Mate, its greyish and a bit more pinky brown red than red, what is going on.

Three years ago, my eye doc said take a few tests.
And nothing was seen to be wrong with my eye sight.

The year before I remember tryinhg to explain to an uncle and some others this strange thing- nada- blank looks from them all.

But is was there.

Since then I have been wondering about how left and right eye tell me different things in this case.

Finally, after the MS diagnosis- and further free ranging thought, I think this is the explanation:

A signal [red colours] may indeed go to the particular and separate processing places in the brain for each eye, but it must also be shared or leaked between them so a comparison can be made and evaluated as to the validity of the signals captured by the retinas. The overall grayness too can be more apparent at time, especially trying to read.

And then once codified or validated, then passed onto the Mind for further assessment- Red Corvette or Burgandy Corvette?
A test is a Ferrari- no greyish burgandy-ish red Ferraris: so the right eye signals are off by nearly that much.

I once used rock colour chart books in my old mudlogging job in oil and gas exploration, and wished I still had one, and then I could tell you what I mean by a simple alphanumeric code what left and right eyes see.

But now, I see that the website chart available can not go to that finer gradation, that shade tone tint that is the difference I can see. Bugger. Well, today anyway.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Da Flu, got it

First time for ages.

Just because I went on a bus trip with a load of kids and one teacher with a cold or with flu like symptoms does not mean I wanted it too.

Life is like that- I got it goodly. First time for a few years I think.

There was a little tickle last week, but by Friday- BOOM...

I thought that men don't always exaggerate what ever they get. I think I have. Or not, but I am writing it up...

Like, there was a comment on my comment on The Condition I made the other day on FB- almost a "suck it up man"....

Thanks lady...  :-)

No reply needed, maybe I should have deleted it, but then I thought- I gotta leave it, what else can I really complain about anyway?

Well--- anniversary week?


But I went through half a pack of tablets yesterday! And ached all over when I hit the sack early this morning, waiting up for #2. Dozing on the couch did not help, waiting. BTW, he wanted to borrow my Dior suit for the 18th party he was going to. After work. I do not think he has much more time to wear that suit- little beanpole is still growing, bugger it! Ah well, it is over twenty years old and bought for my brother's wedding for six hundred bucks back then, and refitted to moir... And still looks good- specially on him. The waist is a little tight on me and the buttons on the jacket are in the wrong place...

Today-- 3 tablets, so must be getting better.

Just have a Water Mains inside my head.
If there are any visitors face to face or a phone-call, it is SYNCHED to flood, an OPEN SESAME signal.

A dribble starts down the nasal passage with no action on my part, going down to my nostril, ready to do a Niagra Falls act over my lip and I have to race away to grab ANOTHER face wipe or snot rag or tissue, cos the little bundle in the top pocket is SHREDDED and WET and lazy me had left it there rather than get up from my Kindle and dispose of it.

Cooking dinner was a nightmare, cook, then use snot rag, then wash hands, back cooking and prep, etc etc.



Today, back to the dole office for the scheduled work assessment, with the flu and the anniversary, and find out that I am not worth a cracker at self employment, my assessable income versus work-time in Does Not Compute, meaning have to Look For Even More Work and buying the van was a complete waste of time and money cos there are too many in town anyway trying delivery work. Marvined. A Job Planning Interview next week- with the same people that gave me a supermarket shelf filling job back in 2000, for joy. A Muttley situation. A qualified geologist with heaps of experience, three kids at home to look after practically full time there itself, and the flu. And full of self pity. There is no professional jobs in my line of work around here to let me cope with the kids as I do not want to pass them off to anyone else while I have to work for them. If you know what I mean. Please pass the arsenic. Or the super strength Bundy. With Diet cola. Please.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

happy. or not

What a Question... 

Wha! Me?
What about you?

listing ?  [...over...]

Not smokin, a hiatus...?
cut down the drinkin,  well...,  example I spose
no womin...woman.
which means/leaves more time for...?

got simplest job in the world, and can occasionally still stuff that up! today in fact
A Muttley situation, twice this week, geez...

complain complain complain

all my special interest and unread magasines
building a small skyscraper on the coffee table
car needs a good service
healthy as I can be
without too much undue exercise
kids as healthy as can be too
so that is excellent
whinge and whine

wanna have a GOOD BLAST down at sandy... last one so disappointing
have all I need without missing out on much
as much tv as I need
internet on tap, wilipedia and g.maps- the world at my finger tips- just ask me, show me!

need more job hours as the kids "need" more
cannot see that happening the way economy and job rates are around Oz

job is not getting me more contacts-
so there is some misleading advice, thanks whoever that was
not advertising, maybe a problem there, but the Net does not help around here, well a FB placement didn't

really, what have I to complain about?
some would say Nada, Zilch, sweet FA!
happiness level, dunno

on the other hand.

model sailing boat needs a good workout, spring is here!
the new house is 99.9999% ready for occupation, on me and ken's sayso

next week- a trip with the gels
their last camp at primary school
did not get to do it with the boys cos of the gels, so better do it properly
so the mags will get a read through on the bus! zo egzalen!

things may get a bit smoother,
no matter the number of ubiquitous annoying little tweeners on the trip!

not chasing it,
just expecting it
indubitably. unexpectedly.

Friday, September 2, 2011

hard rubbish

Out it goes
Unclogging the yard

Every year, local government offers to take away hard rubbish that has been gathering. Stuff like old TVs, kettles, chairs, you know? Nearly anything too big for the wheelie bin!

I just do not have the patience or front for garage or yard sale. There you go. Maybe a few grand to replace, but any old junk just, to me now, has to go on the street.

The previous collection managed to clear some stuff up, like a huge old tent that was on its last legs, sorry dad, but it was finally given away, or crumbling away? I did not keep track of the steel poles, but I imagine it was gone quick!

The renovations of the spouting around the veranda a year ago or so left a lot of crap around, and which missed that last collection for the dead spouting somehow- or forgotten? Clogging up the yard. It could have been taken it to the local dump, for a fee... And no trailer at the time did not help.

But! It is all out on the street this week, earlier than required, sure, as... as it is old iron, and maybe someone could take it for recycling? A fine example of hard rubbish anyway. and the yard is unclogging slowly but surely.

Along with that stuff, there is also an old garden table or two, lots and lots of old bike stuff and wheels, gear that Son#2 has... left? For me to clean up...

The basketball pole assembly was a complete waste of time, some teens ruined the counter-weight, and it was used at the most just a few times and had fallen on the hoop a few times and thatt had broken off too. It was put out, and--- was MIA by brekky time!

All the old cookware, electricals, radios, teapots, anything I cannot keep any longer, mismatched twenty year old cutlery. A year old but rusty microwave. My first TV. Three LCD monitors- Dead ones. PC peripherals- obsolete. A coffee drip machine, waffle maker. The list is long. I mean, twenty year old stuff! Out it goes! A 35 year old radio that had stuttered to a hiss and wheeze, Tarn's.

I look in the shed, and oh dear, there might be some junk in there I have been keeping for too many years, like as in Just In Case, you know? Old bolts, hinges, jars of screws and nails, nearly junk, boxes, luggage, but not... The "timber" collection may end up in a bonfire.

The BBQ is looking haggard, to be nice, and is on notice... Anything else?

Maybe an old trampoline frame, a forty year old swing set... but still thinking on those- steel tubulars...

So someone's junk and trash is definitely someone-else's treasure.

The veranda is starting to look better, as well as the yard. Maybe this time next year, there will be only a graveled block left. I mean, I may even get rid of the lawn and garden, just pure minimalist upkeep!

Just me and a tent...

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

10 minutes, a small fortune

I hope a test aint a waste
and the speed ticket was not fun either

I had to take A DAY OFF WORK TO do a special eye and brain test in the Big Smoke, and took some speed-sailing gear in case I was out early. I thought it was test three, the BAER, on the handout as the specialist seemed interested me in lying down for a few hours while technicians attached wires to me. Or a VEP or/and BAER.

No. Not that one, or the other one either. It was a VEP test. Not even a ten minute test. At their lab. In the city, well, nearly inner suburban.

Five minutes to hook two electrodes with thick glue to my scalp, stare at the monitor steadily with one eye, then stand up and read a poster a few yards away, [right eye - poor - two bottom lines hazy].

And That Was That. Out by 10:20am.

But that's not the only story.

That morning I arose earlier than usual, took off by 6:30am to get there by 9:30am. Yeah,  to drive through the frantic city bound traffic at the PEAK HOUR.

First, a petrol stop, [yeah, lack of planning there!] then off.

Bypass the land-slipped town and did not watch the hundreds of speed limit signs on the curvy country road... I was not watching the signs...

Pinged twice as a bluey followed me over the limit.  No idea he was there- how long was he there for, at least a minute or two at least, but long enough, and dang it if a lady driver had'nt flashed headlights at me a few minutes earlier...

The LAST time I went this way, a few months ago, I would have been fine.
Since the landslip, the road I wanted to use has been tagged and re-signed, with a big reduction...

I then noticed him, and he put the flashing lights on. Pulled over and got the licence ready. Bugger. "Why were you over the limit?" I was pregnant? Enjoying a country road? Did not realise that the limits were changed? As he went back to process my licence and registration, I was red from embarrassment and fury.

He came back and was almost laughing I think. He was so polite.
"Well, you were over twice and guess what else? The car registration was due last weekend..."


"That could be a 655 bucks fine, but if you keep off the tollways and try to use your smartphone to pay as soon as possible, you will be okay..."

See? Nice, polite and so good.Maybe just a warning?

"But I will have to give you this one [a pink slip] though, so you only have this to pay- the speed fine"
"Uh. Um, well thanks", sort of... RRHGFRGH and %^#@ )(!*

As there was a child minder at home I called him to get the bill off the refrigerator and could he afford pay it for me ASAP? No explanation for why I remembered it...
"Yes, no worries."
"Thanks, see you as soon as I get back!" I said, fingering the spare cash I could have left at home for it.

So I cool off and REALLY WATCH the GPS- [speed limit data not updated of course- too cheap for that!] and get into the city traffic about an hour later.

The ABC radio traffic update warned me off the freeway- I knew that spot of trouble well, so took off on a different route.

Still late, not believing the GPS as I was looking for the wrong road just minutes away from My Destination... Lost me a few minutes as it insisted I was headed the wrong way in its muffled mode [woman, Irish, nice, but still a know all GPS thingo].
She was right as in Muttley like.
I turned the car around.

Got to reception after parking the wagon on the 2nd parking level [out of 5- so lucky], explained I was finally here late due to traffic problems, and told by a beautiful young woman, "Don't worry, it's okay..." Ahhh. Alright then!

Sat down to read for the indubitably long wait, read half a page of my Asimov mag and "Mr Marvin?"
Bugger- "Hi".

Off to the test, as above, a short test. Out by 10:20am and minus another hundred bucks for the test.

Oh well.
$9 for 37 minutes parking...

Oh well.

Took off. Time for Me Time after all.
Some speed-sailing at Sandy Point, if I could get there WITHOUT speeding!

GPS informs me, 1pm ETA, good.
On the way, avoiding traffic, through an industrial estate, mainly small to medium garage like shops, I spied a HOBBY shop! Squealing of tires NOT- "Just a quick look" and spent 5 minutes there, yum, and spied a model my uncle might want.

Got back on the road with all my money safe. Stopped for a Cornish Pastie, with sauce, that was not there in the end- did not squeeze the bloody bottle HARD enough, and arrived at Sandy Point. 1pm.

The tide was IN. Lack of planning. Severely!
Stuff it, I needed a bathroom quickly, and plowed through the small pools between me and relief...

Set up a sail, spoke to another sailor- "Not great".
Oh well.
From the files, but example- tide---  IN
Buggered around with the sail and mast rghrgh and got on the water, and planed fast enough down the course.
Up the course, there was only enough to slog back to shore...
Unpack and take off by 2:45pm.
Get back to town home, pay Son#2's dental bill, lucky for him and me they could see him at such short notice (Thanks) then off and reclaim the medical bill, go home and the gels get dropped off, with a pizza, and they kindly let me have two pieces...

What a bloody day!
Four hundred bucks for a 10 minute test. A ticket. A very short sail. And Is the optic nerve on its way out?
I better "fail" it... Or pass. Whatever.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

lightspeed and galaxies

Time travel
again a new experience

Looking at NASA space pictures, like the ones from the Hubble can be humiliating.

My desktop display has a few at this time, and one has a few billion galaxies dotted around in it.
Not a few, billyans!

When you think about it,  Andromeda Galaxy, the closest galaxy to The Milky Way, is only two million light years away, and it is calculated by some people both are to collide at some time down the track well after we are history. Lightyear- how far does a photon travels in one year Marvin? About ten Trillion kilometers... Oh.
The one measurement New York bankers might prick the ears up at... gotta be a percentage in that somehow !

I hated thinking of/about infinity when I was very young. Like also thinking that [a] God has you, and you, and you as well as me on his mind 24/7 and is all around us and knows what is going  to happen etc etc - both ideas are plain creepy and scary. Then and now.

Recent reports are of some starlight that is {another} calculated to be as old as the universe! That calculation is supposed to be close to 12 or 14 billion years old. What's a few billyan tween friends?

But really, it's colossal.

Driving a car to the moon, [yeah, try it Bill Gates] is a bit of a trip too. The average Earth-Moon distance is about 385,000 km, so allowing for drink and bathroom stops every two or three hours, a sleepover some where, it would take thGriswold Family about [tap tap click tap lose page, get it back] about forever. Even, say, at 60mph without a stop could take more than a few months...

Back to the galaxy thing, and time travel. Swiveling your eyes over the picture the galaxies don't look far apart, but it has to be several millions of lightyears between them.

Even looking around the night sky, there is all those photons coming at ya from a long long time ago. And if there are Others on Another Planet around the Milky Way a bit, and they can see the same thing as we do, that is a LOT of photons being spread around since time started.

Maybe that is what dark matter really is, all those freaking photons....

Saturday, August 13, 2011

FLW, not TLAs

Weird Words
Four letter everyday words
I may have written up word play thingos before, like four letter words that end in ASH for example.
There are quite a few! And then there are there five letter words ending in ash. But never mind.

TLA- three letter acronyms amuse me no end too.
BHA- Bottom Hole Assembly [nothing to do with derrieres mind!]
RLD- Red Letter Day

But then there are the everyday four letter words to do with us.

Arse, coff, pooh, pi*s, d**k, an*s, **n*, fart, larf, tits, kiss, lick, cute, ugly, eyes, ears, feet, f**k, fool....

the washing day dragged out

Do you remember to take out the washing to the drying line?

And. When was the last time you were asked- 
"Dad? Where's my washed jeans?"

This weeks' washing was ready in the laundry basket. Nearly all of it was ready to GO!
As I lifted the lid to load up the 7kg capable washing machine, there was a flurry!

"Daddy! Wait, hang on, I forgot last night!"

The plan is to wake up as early as possible on a Saturday, head down to the combined space saving but ergonomically-not designed bathroom-laundry industrial complex, and do a weeks' washing. In one morning.

However. If one is awoken later in the day, and it's raining all weegen, one is are buggered.
It is all dragged out until the next day. Or the dryer rule is invoked, breaking the ubiquitous and /or customery "Quick, it's raining, gotta get the clothes back of the drying line again!"


If one is awoken mid morning, reaches the aforementioned room, lifts the lid to load....

WTF?! Last weekends  load of washing!!!!!!!!!!
[a BLACK load, jeans etc- From The Goths of the clan]

Semi dry, and a bit whiffy. Has to be semi washed and fully rinsed all over again.
Reason left behind?
Wet weegen?
Not really, working on the painting job may have distracted one...
No real excuse, it was just forgotten I suppose.


And then one finds out that-

THERE IS NOT ENOUGH washing detergent for four loads of washing!!!



Not enough pegs to hang all this self inflicted work out to dry!

Can it get worse?
Thanks heaps.
Well that's settled.

A late afternoon exchange prior to this:
"Where's my shorts for school?"
No respect, just a demand.
Put away? In the basket still? I don't know... I cannot sort all the worlds problems out!
But now we all know why there was no shorts or work duds- drying in the washing machine...
Why do the three of them wear SHORTS in WINTER?
The three of them!
Winter uniform for schools is long black pants- not jeans, not chinos, not dress slacks, not tracksuit pants, not swimming stuff, not thongsflipflops, just sensible warm clothes and shoes and socks etc!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Stenciling- as in drafting

Up to about 1991

When I was working in the oil-patch...

All useful data gathered by logging geologists when a petroleum exploration well was drilled were ultimately drawn up as squiggly lines on translucent (plastisised[?]) draughting paper, either A3 or A4 size according to columns. At well TD, or when the reaching Total Depth, the sheets were edited, and joined together for the client, there on to be used in a blueline copier to produce a Log of up to 5 to 20 meters, depending on the scale used. We never actually produced 1:1 scale apart from actual core logs... Imagine FAXING that bugger. And the cost if by Marisat back in the 80's!!

This was before desktop personal computers were the usual useless decoration in the logging shacks.

The Log.

I was a mudlogger, an engineering geologist, abnormal formation pressure detection detective. Also a plumber, carpenter, electrician, computer programmer, installation specialist, in the end a surveying specialist in logging or measuring while drilling and almost a directional driller too BUT...

The Log... Back then...
Drawn by hand, with stenciling pens, and using stencils, templates, drafting boards, set squares, rulers...

Geological descriptions were typed in the righthand column- cos faster than stenciling...

But drilling parameters, dates, events, formation tops were all stenciled in.

I am posting this, LATE, because yesterday was the eighth of August again...


I was offshore Bass Strait, on a platform, looking for oil or gas, maybe just oil.

Rig 19 was old, noisy and annoying. The logging shack was mounted on the drill floor BEHIND the draw-works. A long way away from the shakers too.

And the rotten bastard on the opposite shift left me to stencil in the date on the "log"

It was 1988, August. And the eighth day of August.

To stencil "8", there was two circles in the template to create "8". 

So one had to be Careful to make it straight. And it was the fine 0.25mm pen size as well.

But really. Marvined...



Argh. Not happy Jan/Marv!

greeting card for the century

Cheap day.

Do you like this one?

Send off a blank greeting card joined on a string to a pencil, with eraser on its end. Recipient makes out what they want to read, from you, and everybody feels good. And wealthier.

Or this one? Probably a little less subtle. More personal?

Recipient's name printed/penned inside, signed by you, with empty boxes or lines to fill in events.

A few bland diagrams of for example- a tree, a bunny, candle on a cupcake.

Together or on post-it-notes to swap around, suitable for the event required. On the inside or the front.

With the attachment as above.

The other thing is to cut costs further by sending instructions by email, rather than using snail mail, to the intended recipient of the greeting card to make it as instructed above.

Either way its a win-win situation.

No massive profits to the bloody greeting card dupers or to the post, there is money in your pocket for the ISP bill and less useless processed native timber floating around, or on the road or in the sky.
Let's keep the processed timber for the bathroom?

So the point of the card is you have named the recipient, and it's signed with Yours Faithfully, Sincerely, best regards, thanks in advance, truly yours, BFF, etcetera etcetera. With a few little pictures on the front or inside, you have the year covered.
All your recipient has to do at the right time of the year is just rub out the last event/year and fill in the blank.

An ultimate recycling project.

They will always thank or think of you for being a planet saving thoughtful/less tight-ass whenever they dig it up.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Headless Chook Syndrome


The To Do List is decreasing or evening out 

Or, A weeks "Diary extractions"... 

The front lawn and garden has been deshevelled for three weeks. Finally, it is less so. Some leaves, twigs, branches and logs are now out of sight, once spring kicks in...

The front veranda post has been lifted back, the bearers been reinforced with an eye out for a builder to maybe do a better job. There is a bit of creaking when one walks past... Some wrought iron pieces need to be re-assembled at some stage too.

The painting of gel#2's room is about to start as soon as I think the walls are puttied up enough and clean and smooth. That has been the weekend project, and I think the gels think I am putting off the painting for another week the process has been so slow.

The back yard feature has been fixed and tweaked. The rotten end of the upright has been cut off and an extension bodgied together for ten bucks rather than a new post for ninety... And the cross piece that could not be kludged together to make a longer one was replaced. It was used instead to bodgey up the extension to the post... There is more light in the kitchen now the evil looking overgrowing vine-like weedy bloody plants have met with my friends bonfire.

The trails of tyre/tire marks through the lawns has been sort of fixed.

The weeks washing put away.

A new Portable Vineyard and Alcoholery Blog started.

A Dan Brown book finally finished.

Some suspect moles on upper chest and lower back CUT out at the unearthly time of 9am Saturday Morning! The evidence to be sent off and examined- I suspect there will be a positive outcome. But these days in SEOz, you cannot be too careful if you know you spent the first few years of life naked in the sun, then dutifully tried to look healthily suntanned from mid teens to mid thirties...

And I just boiled the kettle before I started this.... ANOTHER COLD COFFEE- 2 in 24 hours, sheesh!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


I have a bug
With me
About me

I have so much
house things
I have to do
want to do
need to do
and don't care when it is done....Carelessedness-itis

Friday, July 22, 2011

I know it was wet, see?

It rained and the ground was wet. 
Boggy, in fact. 

Yep, I knew that, but still...

There is a tree lopper making his way along the street, tidying up low branches of the nature strip trees. He has been doing it for a while now. I thought, at last, he is up to my place. I dutifully moved the family car further into the backyard yesterday so I could park the van after it. But, no, it was raining and no workmen doing the trees at my place

In case you don't keep tabs on it, the backyard here received another 35mm or 145points, or 1.45 inches of rain up to 9am today...

After dropping off the gels and their friends this morning, I drove right in again, and left the van out of the way too after the next grocery delivery run.

Well, not really...

I had swerved in to the front parking area a little too fast and moved sideways a little into the drain at the front gate.
And got bogged to the hubcap.
Freaking hell!
Spent 10 minutes rocking forward and back, throwing in dead foliage under the wheel, some flat wood pieces, a log, and then went away.

Tried to get the car out of the back yard to tow out the van.

BOGGED the wagon in the backyard too!

A bit of gravel, some gentle too-ing and fro-ing and swearing, and IT MOVED. T'anks a lot Marvin!

So then I moved the car to the van, looked for a towing rope [I had one somewhere] but made use of a new length of nylon rope I only just bought. A nice yellow one. Inserted tow ball into van tow bar, wrapped rope around it and the wagon's tow ball eight times, and tried to pull the van free. Very gently.

Ah. Nah. No way José. Too wet, bugger it, the wagon slipped--- so STOP!
Another driver may have helped at this stage!

Sucked it in, swallowed my pride, and asked the tree guy for help.

Yep- no worries! Just had to fetch his Ford F250 ute* from the garage across town... 10 minutes...

Yep! it pulled the van out no worries! Gave him a bottle of my best homemade red wine.

The van and the wagon left big tracks in the lawns, bugger it.

That was my hour lunch break- getting out of a bog of my own causing!
Yeah, the ground was soft, so I really did not think clearly about it, and shit happens.  Wet dirty shit...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Djya Know wo Oi H8?

I hate not a lot.
But Dislikes- wow.

I could go on and on and on

Pruning trees, over head, and one cutting slips down and nearly stabs you in the eye even though you are wearing glasses. How does that work?

Doing the right thing on the road and indicating changing lanes but the dickhead waiting in front thinks I want to to a U-turn where he is, and he does one RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!

Doing the right thing and being a good guardian, and getting told doing a bad job! By non-experts too.

Go to spit out the window, but the window is shut.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Little ol lady, grrrr

Bile and sweat.
Little old lady said I should exercise.

I already do a fair bit of walking on the job, from the van to the store room where the goods are, about 150 paces in, 150 paces out, back in , back out, for three shifts a day.

For insurance purposes, now the crims can see see
what's available, instead of being able to hide behind
the shubbery and finding NOTHING HAHAHA
Which is no where close to the TEN THOUSAND steps the doc said I orta do...

My knees are either itchy or stinging with occasional pains, the back wanted to stop moving mid job today, I am not supposed to Crack My Back, like in when you crack ya knuckles...
I cut down the side hedge today between delivery shifts. Even got a sweat up! And NOTHING in the eyeballs this time. The poor electric chainsaw (I am in surburbia Marv!) lost it's chain a few times, but so far so good.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Digging through the past

Is it right to dig and send
Torn by what I think, the "ethicalness" of it all

As I have scanned through a mine field of memories, or should I say, recalled mind sets of yesteryear, I wonder at the clarity of the images my parents gathered while I was growing up, and can I post off images to old friends of renewed acquaintance. My poll question has no replies as yet- a reverberating, silent, NO?

So does digging through the past help me at all? Not that I need help! I mean, I think this: I treasure the childhood memories, and is it going too far, and who really cares. APART from me, dummy

With the scanning project- So far, I have got to my eighth (try spelling that a few times!) birthday party, and a group of kids sitting about a table singing or eating. I am pretty sure it was my first party with friends, and the images bring back memories of those kids. Thirteen years of being in the same classes with some of them.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dig a hole

If you want something done, dig it yourself?
A hole lot of scanning...

So after spending a year in the spare room, the slide scanner that my mother let me borrow along with twelve 120-slide-per-reels of the family's history from my baby hood to brother's marriage on celluloid- 28 years...was dug out. And so I was into digging a deep hole for myself one way and another.

12 reels- roughly one thousand four hundred and forty slides to remove and place in a holder three at a time, scan, and put back. Then transfer to the hard drive 12 at a time, trying to label them with at least a Year and a Month, and maybe a commentary...

Unfortunately, I do not have the state of the art slide projector and when replacing the slides in the reel, are they going in properly? The first few I pulled out were this way or that, labels facing different directions. The Agfa slides have some wording, "Look through from this side, Dummy". I had to find a landmark or a car so that the usual way of mounting the bastards was the same for all the different companies, like Kodak and Acme... Lucky for me, some landmarks and the driver's side has not changed in fifty years...

Are they supposed to go in upside down? Facing back or forward?

Saturday, June 25, 2011

marvined memory kitchen

Woke up this morning  lalala

Dishwasher stuck in drain mode last 8 hours.
Call-Forgotten to be at friends place earlier in the week for vine pull.
wash sort hang out
Phone calls left right and center
Buy gels goods
wash sort hang
fix bastard machine
hang out
washing in
catch up messaging
dinner for one


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Strange is life

Strange but true
Woke up and did not want to

Insurance thing for the little business is a mess!
Besides that I received a email. From an old friend. Made me perk up a lot. And A longer than usual phone call from a newish friend just before that- while I was watching progeny#4s' team win a soccor match.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bend over Stupid

Jones'd Again

Part 2, the Weeks Stories 

Office Upgrade

To repeat myself- 
"After a bit of research on-line for office goods needed and some insurance policy changes, I thought I found some bargains! It was half the main street price! A whole utility bill cost saved!  Bargain. I was so excited, I spent the next few days pinching myself, and getting three quotes on the so called bargains."

I laid me money down for an online bargain on a modem/router/WiFi and a new larger screen, and waited for the mail.

Yesterday, the new toys arrived. Not shaking with excitement, but one eye on the clock, I ripped the wrapping off and delved into the manuals. Yeah, I do read them.

Serves me right

Jones'ed or Marvined?

This weeks stories anyway, part 1

After a bit of research on-line for office goods needed and some insurance policy changes, I thought I found some bargains! It was half the main street price! A whole utility bill cost saved!  Bargain. I was so excited, I spent the next few days pinching myself, and getting three quotes on the so called bargains.

Insurance Story
'Cos I have done fifty years penance, I transferred policies on various things to an older persons rate, thereby saving $400 a year! Wow.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

winning and losing

The last few weeks are not going to be greatly remembered for anything more than me making it to the winning old age of fifty. Greys through hair and beard, little pot belly annoying the aching back. Need a trim as well. Bothersome bloody life. Maybe I should be auditioning for St. Nick!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lists not done to be done

done at least
Boat back to Dad
Wine making '11

to be done

garden path weeds and  trip points

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Big milestone over the weegen.
Halfway to a century old!

This is the Marvining site, where lifes' tribulations, some times tributes, are turned over, examined minutely and completely disregarded by me and the [other?] smart alecs*people. Well, I hope not. Lets KISS.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The week that was...

Interesting as it were.
Hobbies enjoyed.

The new RC boats are trying to Marvin me- like a try to upgrade two steps means really, ONE step. And the home made wine labels need a bit of differentiation too.

Aside from that, spent a few hours chasing swans and geese and other water fowl on the nearby lake with the speed boat, or impressing the passing elderly walkers with my absolute lunatic aspirations of traveling the globe on my new yacht. Not.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

RC Yacht and Speed Boat

RC Yacht and Speed Boat


Dad had a flying “dope” powered plane on cables that he built from a balsa kit. You stood on the ground with a two cable-control line and turned in circles as it flew up and down around you. The fuel smelt weird, and we were not old enough to fly it. The engine was a bastard to turn over to start. It got dusty pretty quick…

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

DIY (Marvining) in the Bathroom


Drip. Drip.

"Turn the shower tap OFF please!"
Problemo-  a worn valve or washer suspected.
Three days of reminders.....
"YES Marvin!"

Monday, May 16, 2011


Bedroom Curtains
Or Home Decorating, a Male Way...

You would think home decorating is for the ladies. If there is no lady to tell you that you have done it the wrong way, Marvin, then you may be like me, constant trips to the hardware store.

Of Course, some people KNOW exactly what they need before they step out of the hoose!

I had a fair idea for doing the new curtains last year, a list as it were- New Curtains.  If there is anybody cheaper than me, I would not be surprised, as it means they are successful El Cheapos.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Scanner scammed

 my friend D...

Addendum to last message for a laugh
I went to scan that pic for your dad, and the damn thing would not scan to the computer. 5 min
So i reinstalled the software, disk out of date, 
so got some from off the internet, 20 min
Still would not work, 10 min, bugger it.
NO, went back see what is wrong.
Reminded me to make sure was connected to pc,  sure, course tis.
And then, just in case...
Guess what?
Don’t tell your dad i wasted 30 minutes of his life waiting....
USB Wasn’t plugged in

Catch ya


"ha, ok BLONDIE!!!!!"

Thanks D

Sunday, May 8, 2011



Weegen and the wallet is dry. 

Between last weekend and this weekend, the house-hold account has bled red and dry via checks, credit cards, savings, and cash! Consumerism Rules me. My head aches. I need a rant, something cathartic besides retail therapy. Food? Typing?

Friday, May 6, 2011

renew a weather monitoring tool

As mentioned somewhere, the original rainfall collector just weathered badly since 1998.

Being plastic (from Nylex as well?!) it got brittle. Getting up on a shaky homemade stool... I had dropped it twice over the years, and repaired twice with super glue, the last time with some freezer bags too... Cracked it then actually broken the second time actually. Tape and plastic bags do not do a great job

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dishwasher 2011 Episode II

Three mornings ago

Three mornings ago there was some water on the kitchen floor as we got up.

Two mornings ago

The same. They would not have done it emptying the dishwasher? Nah.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dishewasher :-(

When the home buying urge was finally satisfied years ago, Tarn set up about setting the house up.

A studious saver and really good miser as previously noted, there was a working on upgrading the kitchen.

Little did I know about dishwashers, but that was an ideal she was reaching for. Her folks had had one installed about when she was a teen I think. Out of all our previous lodgings over the years,  only one had  ever had one.  We were in Aber-budie-deen years ago, and there was one in the apartment, along with the Combined Clothes Washing and Drying Machine In One With A Difficult Door Opening Sequence...

[That is, WAIT for the machine to cool down before ripping the door handle off... That cost two taxi trips to the repair Shop...]

So a well known dishwasher was sought after.

bloody wifi

Referring to setting up a wifi aroon' the mansion.

Little bro handed-up a wifi modem router he didn't need (has about 100 kilometers blue cable wrapped around through and over his new house with sockets every 6 inches) so we (my kids) could maybe commune through a Wii machine with his kids ....

Good if he could remember the password. It turned out to be a good combination that was annoyingly hard and easy... marvined again.

But the Wii connection between the kids was not really that great, I think there are better ways of exchanging children's messages that are so EASY c.f. the bloody Wii!

Arhhh- "EASY"  The word has turned up twice now...

If I may also refer to this recent edition, I thought about unwrapping the dusty modem from its cosy resting place, and employing it to see if some new consumerist goods would also work wirelessly.

It worked okay. Took a bit of a fiddle.

By midnight was thoroughly pissed off, as most functions did work or had worked, but the manual said to change this setting or that setting and then nuthin worked after all that cos I wanted something else to work and it would not. One app.

Some Foolrooms  forums on apple crap said probably wont really get it to work unless you have two alter egos, not one, as in email sign in names. Bloody great.

More fkn addresses and passwords, bajizus. It's only a an app that works on WiFi and that sort of annoys me.

Facetime equals AdvancedTimeWasting at the moment [  sortta like this :-)  ]

But they are Happy.


Had to reboot, reset, and reread the fkn manual, and the bloody app still aint workin. Fk um.

Still connects all the lil 'ol pocket toys but the DSis are indubitably probelematic.



I took gel#3a to the hairdressers during the week.

She wanted a slanty half a fringe, and split ends done. Okay, Leigh, got it?

Yeah I don't know either.
A preteen thing?

We walked out the place and went to cross to the va-hee-cal, and noticed that there was a red car standing in the street crossing space used by the wheeled people [wheelchaies, prams, walking frames etc etc], like a ramp to the road from the footpath.

I did sort of stare at the car/occupants with a frown/scowl/questioning look upon my countenance.

Not sorta. Did. It was a no standing place, not even for the blue-sticker-wheeled people people! That was next to it.

Cos I thought that unless you really could not park elsewhere, you could do a blocky while waiting for the accomplice to return from dropping the video off. Well, I would. The boys-in-grey already have got me for a minute overstay in the school three minute parking bays!

As we crossed the street, I looked back as the car pulled out.

The window came down on the drivers side, and a mean scrawny woman face appeared.

"Oh! Did I ruin ya day?" was called across the main street.

I don't think quick after a put down. From a stranger as well. So I did not respond with anything. Not even a finger.

What was worse was that I thought the woman was a mom at the kid's school. Great. Just fuckin great.

Now that ruined my day.
Stewing on that for days.
The term "That bitch!" just occurred to me, days later.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Foxey Grape Vintage 2011

Da Da...

Picked the Foxy Garage Grapes yesterday, 33 kg at 22 Baume. Not sweet enough, but certainly STICKY!
The ants, bees and birds thought it was time to harvest, so I did. Bugger them!

So in the end, today, crushed and pressed about 15 liters out at 1.080sg, and have some pomace to distill too! I could not press out the skins 100%. Plenty of flesh, so what the? Added 2kg sugar and 2 liters water. That worked last year, terrible tasting, but enough % to put through the still!

So PMSd the must so to put commercial yeast in for the fermentation, and will let the pomace ferment off the indigenous yeast. 

Stay tuned- I intend to try a sherry variety this year!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

stopping or quitting and consequences

So I stopped buying cigarettes again the other day. Think I am coping...

Since. Had three glasses of wine. Reduced the coffee intake cos of lack of time only. Not taking a lotta interest in the kids or other people either, attention going from the 'Fear and Loathing:On the Campaign Trail 72' to TV to newspaper to PC and blogs, kids, and back to work, housework, kids, Alcoholery and back to the book, back to TV, kitchen... cycling...

Last night: slept from midnight for aboot nine hours and had a headache all day.

Not QUIT smoking, which is what they all want you to do.

Like as if I have a really short attention span at times, no little project really completed in the allotted time.

When I was working in the oil patch, there was no smoking close to the well head.
Then no smoking at all off shore by the nineties. Nearly none on shore sites too.
So by ten years ago, I could go without my usual five to ten fags a day 'habit' so easily for a fortnight easily.

I would leave the rig, get home, siddown an' 'ave a coupla smokes wif a few cans an' by dinnertime would have a hangover. Weird.

In comparison, some workmates COULD NOT give up temporarily, and would hide away somewhere on the facility and have a choof.

As if no-one could smell it on them! And some of these people were surprisingly pretty high up in the rig hierarchy, which impressed me, because besides the usual three warnings, there was also the sack. So you get the sack for it, lose a hundred-plus-grand a year and forever after: 'sacked cos he smoked at work!'

My Tarn's aunt Dot smoked a pack-plus right up to stepping into her coffin. Me dads gunna go the same way I think.  Back in Radelayde in the 80's I smoked Outside the apartment. I could not stand the smell on the curtains I could detect coming inside after a break of a few days away...

Once long ago, I did stop for while. Did not make me feel any better. Back on em.

Last year my sister-in-law and I stopped the same day, co-coincidently! Again, I did not feel any better for it. Certainly, the little cough was not there after a while, and the little Harmonica down my throat I could hear that summer had disappeared too... The wallet was better off. Ganuarie to Rocktober.

I broke, cos I couldn't stand not be able to have a fag and a drink when socialising with my other sister-in-law and hubby. Weak.

Then stopped again. The day they left for work outta town.

Then my eldest left home, and returning after dropping him at his new life, I went back to the rollies again.

And as the last rollie paper went up in smoke the other day, I thought that 60 bucks in my pocket a month was a good idea.

But- repeat :

So I stopped buying cigarettes again the other day. 

Since. Had three glasses of wine. Reduced the coffee intake more than half. Not taking a lotta interest in the kids or other people either, attention going from the 'Fear and Loathing:On the Campaign Trail 72' to TV to newspaper to PC and blogs, kids, and back to work, housework, kids, Alcoholery and back to the book, back to TV, kitchen... cycling... Divided attention and  and losing time.

Well, what's going on?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Update on the ex van delivery ad via facbook

Ah well.
Three weeks and only a few Likes, seventy impressions, and no calls to work.
Off with its head.
No matter the 'implorations' via the wall pages.

Apparently the Facebook way is not the way to spread the word for me, and bring so thoroughly ignored has been depressing, apart from some encouragement from #1 son and Dee. After all, having a few more Likes from the friend List may have begun a snowball effect. I think FB as a tool as well as a means to keep in touch is actually becoming unfashionable. [The gels would say different cos I won't let them use it or msn, I learnt my lesson there with #s 1 & 2.]

Live and learn, and now I am having second thoughts on putting an ad in Google Maps page for the area. Even moaning on about it here I seem a loser.

Money making is a risk venture, but I am a sole operator and wanting to stay that way. Making a bit more by 50%- 100% would be great.  Looking into other delivery services such as local postal systems looks like I need a new degree in transport/costs/thresholds/time/profits/losses. Just not enough here.

A geology degree ain't any good here either, apart from the calculus, statistics and spreadsheet efforts made to see how I am making any progress towards a profit. Noice graff.

Yeah. And I don't miss the "daily grind" of seeing the defriend grandstanding, may cut more off...

And if I hear anymore
crap about carbon taxes
and no smokestack fixes,
I will scream.

Friday, April 1, 2011

work ad- trying too hard and marvined by it, and a defriending pain

Facebook and I may be ending our relationship.

My first try at mass media advertising has turned out to be less than an exhilarating experience against the exuberance I exhibited exploring exploitable explosive-like potentials in new media of the new millennium.

A dud even.

I wanted my [comparatively minuscule, admittedly] list of friends to "Like" my Delivery Service Ad. Maybe gush on about it...  [a thought- should I link it and try for some complete outsiders, with no hope of a excellent well mannered delivery, hitting it? Hmm, might try], and spread it to others.

And only got six. 6! After a few weeks.

Good thing I suppose.

I would not want to be rushed off my feet now, would I? Doh, maybe? For a buck- I do have to get the gels onto/thru secondary school.

There has been quite a few 'impressions'- over 50 in fact. Maybe my service could not reach them. Sorry, but I have to set limits, my good nature and caring paternal extincts instincts can not be bought for just a few dollars more, that extra inch. Okay. Ten k's is the limit.

I may have been using that "Page" wrong, and will it go for a few days to see if anything changes. I was running the Page with my home page on as well and there may have been a conflict?  In any case, I cannot find the turn off or delete button for the Page, so I may have to unfriend myself completely and start again, which would be a right royal pain in the arse, as I have gotten so used to it being there in the background.

The Ad. It was a freebie too, and again I mention/use the word "admittedly". Like a chance to use Google- also another freebie offering, that is getting to be a bit more complicated to get involved with and looks like another failure on my part to appreciate the complexities of modern day advertising, vis-a-vis the internet.

Yes, I thought it would be like a pyramid scheme, everyone on the list would hop on board and it would multiply! They could even unlike it after a while if they wanted to.

A "paid for ad per click" investigation thru FB said there was a potential viewer base of twenty thousand locally! Yeah. Like, I pay FB for each "hit". Well, it would have been nothing to pay for so far!

And going thru the list of the potential helpers, one cropped up as a totally non-cooperative friend.  No matter my attention to an utterance, occasional like or comment the last few years. Because it was always a front and center a "me-me-me!" type thing, and some messages in support of whatever they were up to; but no feedback. No acknowledgement. So. My First Unfriend. Did not make me feel good, or bad- like a business decision, almost. A cleansing. Something less to fret about? They were a pain at times, being an exhuberant extrovert as it were. Usually funny, but going for a top gear panel spot may tell you what the public personae was like... Ah well there goes a spotty decade or two of contact. I thought he would have been a good supporter too.

Others on the list most probably think it's a losers proposition, trying the internet and FB to get work? I see plenty of other people through connections with photographic studios trying for my attention. Well.

Back to FB. The news on this site has been sparse lately. I do not think I am a gossip, but do like to know what my circle of friends are up to if what they have to say is interesting enough to tell the world at large. Or silly things anyway, like I have done- "I like a 16 year old Lagavulin whisky in my coffee nightcap". Read into that the wrong way...

After stewing on the FB ad and the defriending, not "catharta-sised" 12 hours later. Not even with a great dinner a few reds and some interesting TV!

Publish and be dammed, ea reservoir!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Red Wine Pressings

arg- watery, okay, not as great as I expected.
Not being continuous with the order of where the blogs go!
And as I am a little slack, not going to move it here, so to the story click here

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Raining again, but but so much in my backyard this week

We are so lucky this year!

Rainfall in the backyard is more than the previous years up to this time of the year. [BTW, added a new Page for weather graphs to keep updated monthly.

In comparison to the nearest local Bureau of Meteorology office [Metstat], we are about the same. Unless the showers are local only! I measured much more than the Metstat did one day.

Those in the know
on the radio
let me know...

The SOI and the La Nina of the Pacific Ocean effects maybe the reason, as well as a pool in the Indian Ocean.  These oceans are much warmer at the same time, causing a bit of a problem in the Land of Droughts and Flooding Rains.

There have been floods through out the country, from here in Victoria, NSW, QLD, NT and Western Oz that have people saying, "never been like that before"

Well that is being a bit silly! If the original owners had a good record, I am sure it would show that high rainfall events would occur on a regular basis... Like more than once every two hundred years or so anyway.

If you look at the above graph, it looks like a peak occurring now (data massaging- Moving Average, black line-  click to enlarge) and the next dry period, in my backyard, should be starting any moment... Not like there's going to be an announcement- but there is my little bit of advice, it may be the end of the rainy season. Before winter! But, being your average (Ex)Geologist, I like to speculate, but give no definitive answers... until the facts are In.

But when the satellite image was flashed up this morning, I was very surprised at the cloud racing SE across Bass Strait, it did not appear to be "normal". That rainfall pattern the last few days spread enormous falls along the SE coast, up to 300mm in a day! We got 18 and 8.