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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Visited by an alien in the bedroom....

After a shower, I wandered back to my room.

In the corner of my eye there was a WT?

A cicada pupae had found its way into my bedroom and shed the exoskeleton (argh- where's That?) and then crawled up the materia lto firm up the body and dry out the new wings on my bed's canopy (yeah yeah- but not poofy- keeps cold draughts from falling on me in winter- True!) .

I grabbed it and released it to the wild, where upon, as the day heated up (sub tropical again today), it joined in with all the other bastards to crick away at about the sound of a small plane going past.... can hear them over the sound of the car when driving down the street too!

I went out to record them and found this one fluttering about like a big--- baboon? nah, bumble bee! The birds around here love them to death...

I think they love it when the temperature gets to at least 20°C, currently 24°...
It would be good to add a recording of the cacophony, but alas, and lucky for you, it does not come across well at all.

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