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Thursday, December 2, 2010

diy week- hifi

Last weekend, I wanted to listen to some old LPs lying around back from college times.
I usually crank it up after visitors have left, and there are still a few beers left over in the fridge.

The sound system has been going since the late 80's, and still sounds ok to me!

Firstly. Nearly two years ago I was astounded to hear CRAP coming from the (Pioneer) speakers!

Absolute crap!!!

What have the kids done to my HiFI, oh woe is me.... Took the covers off.

The rubber membranes holding the paper cones to the frames had gone hard and disintergrated!!

Three visits to the Electonic Barn and waiting a week for new rubber supports(?) or mountings(?) and forty dollars later, I had my sound back.
Yay me! Worked really well!
The high end music shops would have to wait a Long Time Now for me to buy new speakers!

So last weeegen.
Waiting for #2 to get off the bus, late.
Chilling out with Rumours blaring out- but in a funny way.
No matter what the right channel sounded weird- so off with its head, I mean cover.
Touched the woofer- NO VIBRATIONS AT ALL.
Shed- screwdriver- check the wires had not come off it.
No. Oh Oh.
Go get the multimeter.
No batteries- Rghah. Replace same.
Test- Nothing- the speaker was dead. DEAD. Ahhhhrg.

Monday. Back at the El Barn- "Can you? How much? and When? or this type?"
House- search for the f manual- yes- twenty five years later- the manual was at hand! Hm. The old speakers was this spec, and the old amplifier that spec, maybe need a better spec on the speaker? Make that TWO if upgrading, so back to Rob-
"yeah mate, old specs are these, should I upgrade"
Replies, of course:
"Yes, I think you better not go the forty, but the eighty watts pair for $130, just an extra $20?"
"Ah. Ok then. And pick up when...?"
dead woofer driver

If this worked, again the sound shops would miss out- although I always wanted 12" Tannoys in fridge size speakers, or Bang n Olfesun systems, or Bose types, the leetle boxes aroon the room... for several thousand dollars mind- but. Really don't use it that much or party too wildly to justify it... yet.

Wednesday- Rumours(LP) boomed out with hisses, clicks and BANGING out the drums sound. Sweet.

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