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Sunday, December 19, 2010

DIY and activities monthly tally

Hmm. So far:

Webcam for weather watch project- failed- cost 54 dollars, software dependent... too hard.
Got a 10m USB cable tho!
Cracked car headlight, (too generous to senior staff!) got for $125, install...on hold, and:
Waiting on another bill for a cracked tail-light...

Garden Hedge and path- 17 plants- ten in- no path- started it anyway
Find spectacles in long grass at night- fail; new eyes midday & success due to a senior staff member.

Directors chairs two of, very wobbly; cannabalise seat and back; renew one not so wobbly- uncomfortable though; tight, hard...[at right above- new table middle- usual chair at left- comfy]

Garden hose trigger spray- oh, it is buggered, thanks for telling me junior staff: $4.95 to replace!!! Okay then.
Xmas tree- find, choose...chop down, $25, transport home, junior staff decorate, director to put up lights.!
Xmas lights- failing- too many to test- too old anyway, have to upgrade quality? I mean, 200 wee bulbs!?
Portable vineyard- watering, and cursing vivacious growth! Cuttings doing well. Fertilised. Sprayed.

Created backyard fire place for staff parties from old laundry machine- Nice One Dadda! The shelter is a bit cramped, but temporary...

Started on vitamins/fishoil/glaucosomine/good bacteria capsules.
Want to see a dentist for some CAVITIES.

Attempt to find out why a junior staff's computer screen (LCD) wont work, but a CRT does...??? Fail due to pc glitch, the "manufacturer/repairer/sales person" could not see a problem... Yet. But cheap as you get- expect that.
Three working LCD screens tested on it have a few moments displaying the desktop then No Signal- but a CRT keeps displaying- any suggestions?

Not DIY, but- over spent on the kids for Xmas- bugger, by 100% or more, Good Intentions my fat ass! If these practical gifts are not utilised- I will...I will...just...just...EXPLODE. Should be fun. So.

So Xmas cards are out of the budget, sorry dear reader.
Long list too. Family listing was forty or more, and friends same. Good thing, the Internet, I can send out Gigabyte Sized Family Movies instead...Enjoy!
Seriously- a message anyway, and Next Year- cards first in November, budget a hundred bucks and A4 size envelopes with A6 cards... Leave time to buy presents for Xmas Eve (nothing left in the shops to buy...! Cunning!)

So have sat on behind after all the above.
Ran out of reading material.
Started on the Bourne Trio Video Pack.
Slowed down alcohol intake- reduced nicotine intake a wee bit.
Nah, but will cut to zero New Years time...
Health kick (capsules etc), no results as yet... farting a lot tho.

Started school kids Summer Holidays- 17th December to February 4 new projects for staff...? What to do?



Xmas with family
Cricket For me and a senior staff member.
Pool time- if #1  item fulfilled?

Ah- holidays

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