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Monday, December 6, 2010

Claim Marvined

Ah woe and wow- to just have a brain AND concentration saves time if both used together.

That stitch in time thing means something to some people- obviously not me.

I wanted to file a claim this morning, and got logged in STRAIGHTAWAY!

Well, good omen.

Proceeded to fill in the blanks as best I could, like DOH, yeah, easy.

Answered the usual questions, and tabbed YES NO where needed.

Without reading one question and the context...

Thought I had finished, printed transaction.

"DETAILS NOT CONFIRMED>SEE  or CALL someone" on the receipt.

I had Marvined myself- magnificent self-confidence smashed to smithereens.

Bugger- log on again- nah- SEE/CALL SOMEONE.. Again?

'Roight'. Needed to sort this out or no money at the ATM!

Called- robot wants too many details for the effort of a new registration (even though it understand English quite well!)- where is a person when you need one? Hang up.

Jump in the jalopy and race down to SEE SOMEONE about the buggered up transaction.

Waiting. See a different queuing sign- rock up to that one as it was 'empty'.
"Nah, ya have to go back to that queue". Wait. Wait. Same person comes back over, sees me, says "over here mate". Yeah?  Okay to talk to you now? Good.

Explain my Marvinedness, and I wonder aloud about me and stoplights, losing IQ (person says you never lose that- YEAH?! Should I have said any of that?)

So we proceed to clear up the wrecked claim form. Success. A bit of human interaction and there you go.
With a little frown, I was warned to not muck it up again or - what? Wait in the queue again next time?

I think it was a joke- there must be people as bright and/or dumb as me out there?

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