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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Van, work

I upgraded work procedures today.

Instead of tossing the items to be spread across the landscape into the back on the floor of the great big van, the clients goods will be properly counted, sorted, and placed separately into newly purchased crates, either 52l or 75l. Eight should be enough for now.

Previously items were just chucked into cardboard fruit boxes. By the way, FYI, the styro-foam ones break apart too quick, and leave a mess as well. But the boxes were too shallow and items would roll out or off and around and contaminate other boxes, or slide around, pretending to be free... Please note that no eggs have been broken in the new vehicle.

As the van floor is nearly half an acre and flat, and the big new crates have rollers, guess what?

How boring can work get?

Other fun times with the family wagon. The former delivery vehicle.

Two boxes of carton milk (12 each) fell out the back at a turning light when I sped up to catch the green turning light after the slow coaches in front finally found out how an accelerator worked. None burst, and the boxes were slightly dented. Sorry about that, but I evidently forgot to secure the tailgate.

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