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Friday, October 15, 2010

diy and marvined

As posted back awhile, I was engaged for a job that I could not finish at the time..
A few days ago, I returned to finish it orf wif a new tool or two.

Unfortunately, I installed the mounting device wrongly, I.E. did not RTFM.
This meant that it had to be removed and remounted in the correct place.

Marvined by thinking that the installation was so easy, did not have to RTFM,
Just went ahead, measured by sight and and and...

Unfortunately, (again!) the mounting device has to be destroyed as it is Stuck.
This means a pic to prove!

Anyway this also means more time away and another few tools.
The van will soon be a toolbox on wheels.

I must fix the "DIY" soon, to be trusted for future jobs, but...
I don't think the time/motion/distance/satisfaction equation is going to be positive.

Two skun knuckles- hurt. Wasted diesel. Got some new tools!

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