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Monday, September 27, 2010

what a week!

see? to many thorts...
One night/morning, a list appeared to me of my life as girls I had fallen for and the music at the time.
And then in the shower, other ponderables occurred to me. and became un-ponderable with days.
As I am watching Glass:A portrait of Philip in Twelve Parts, there was an almost frission with him.
He was describing music as not imagined, just needed to be written down as if it appeared as a tree from the mist in the park as you neared it, or the mist cleared. My paraphrasing.
Yeah, I have a heading and a start, then a preamble, and then a ramble, then a short conclusion.
Awright, and pologies to them:
Wendy J, Joanne S, Jenny P, Sue G, Tarn A. Some of these people have literally disappeared, others, gone for ever. Another had hair to her bum, and moved off to have kids with another potter. Nat, Dan.
Music to match? Primary school memories of the radio? Beatles. Rocket Man. Super Tramp. Beach Boys. Queen. Skyhooks. BTO. Dire Straits. U2.
Mostly dark haired and mostly brown eyed too, one had very curly hair, JS I think.
Sometimes try to track them down through old school friends, or now, google and facebook.
My friend Marshall was surprised at a thing I mentioned the other day. Once a long time ago, we had a large collection of empty Alpine packs.  I remember when I was young...

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