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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What it means to be The Daggy Dad and lists to do not getting done

Today's List-
Post Office.
Rack off chocolate milk stout- done
Work on the Portable Vineyard- weeding- fertilize- transplant young ones to bigger pots
Work- done well!
Housework, not done
Parent Teacher Interview, tomorrow you ejit
Band Practice

I have another blog, I want to separate the Confident Know it all Dad from this one....

 Well, after a little dig about my favourite wind-cheating cosy warm pull over/jersey/jumper/guernsey/wind-cheater from my youngest daughter back in June, I thought the blog title would be appropriate.

The wind-cheater has a large embroidered Rip Curl emblem  on the back.

Some one else once asked whether I had picked it up from an opportunity shop! The Cheek- I bought it brand spanking new when it arrived at the sailboarding shop I used to hang out in back in the 90's, Thank-you Very Much!

It is much loved, and has old ciggie burn holes in it. Sort of striped maroon, and lined. It's just nice to wear, and no, not fashionable. Daggy.

As the Daggy dad worried about Parent/Teacher meeting this morning, he shaved, showered, and nearly shined the boots up, and went off just in time to school.

At the appointed time I waited to see the teacher of the eldest twin outside the class room. She Herself walked out, and said-

"Dad, I put it on the calender. It's tomorrow."

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