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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Vineyard and Alcoholery Production (cof cof...)

The Portable vineyard is coming along fine, the nursery vines seems to be growing well and the cuttings are a low percentage success. The last three weeks have resulted in a few drinks being made.
Some liqueurs have been made up, like anise flavoured, cinnamon flavoured and vanilla bean flavoured. Half a litre high alcohol content with ingredients should make up a nice drink around Xmas time, just seive the stuff out and add sugar- about 300g and equal amount of H2O.
Will be making limonella too, the lemon tree has stayed the course after a severe hair cut, and the fruit looks good. Poor old thing may need some more cut off it next year.
Have not made chocolate milk stout for a few years, so out to the brewery- and now have two-dozen-plus long-necks maturing. Give them six weeks and that will be a nice little present for other afficiendos too.
From 8 kg of sugar, managed to 'scrounge' 5 liters of base, enough to make 10 liters of spirits, or about 14 bottles of whotcar. Carbon filtering should remove most smells, or will 'scrounge' it again. Need to 'scrounge' some afters too, and maybe the horrible wine off the garage vine will be added to that. Faux brandy even!

The Portable Vineyard as of middle September:
There are at least three Shiraz cuttings, 5 Pinot and two chardonnay budding at the moment, and last years shiraz cutting are really doing well.

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