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Friday, September 3, 2010

no housework so far, but beer brew ON!

I have done no housework so far today, as was scheduled ;-(, just making beer, as per Whitbread Milk Stout, yum. And a brew to turn into a bundy type drink, double distilled and triple filtered, come on summer :-). Just no housework, yet.
-as per face book earlier today.

Later, I read my friends blog, and needed to do something positive for me, not mooch around as September usually makes me do. Well, Tarns anniversary is closer and closer, which somewhat spoils the excitement of Frzldazlers 15th soon.

But, the day started...

I was doing something after a morning work run, which brought me to the The Alcoholery, aka The Shed. And a BREW TIME overtook me!

It's been a while since I made a batch of beer or stout. 

Went through the shelves, and assembled the gear and stuff. Found the measuring devices, as discussed previously and went to work, blithely ignoring the piles of crap left around by co-habitors. Washed the brewing vessels, boiled up the constituents and also made up some chocolate malt from scratch.

The bundy brew was the easiest, should get 15-20% out of 25L and 8kg of sugar. IE 5L to make 10L of bundy! All for about 20 buckaroonies.

The milk stout should be ready to bottle next week- forty bucks for two dozen classy tasting long-necks of stout, better than Guinness, and not eighty bucks or more! Just the time to assemble and brew, and then washing the bottles... (No pain, no gain...)

The Kitchen was left a mess, four different pots, from 3L to 10L used- oh boy, but was a quick wash up.

The bathroom is now the brew room; some wood, and the bath is a ready made bench, nobody uses it at the moment.

There is a nice smell about the place from the chocolate malted grains that were boiled up for the wort. Like having a coffee machine or vanilla milkshake, or fresh, hot and soft but crusty bread sitting there straight from the oven or bread maker!

I love those smells, like the yellow wattle in spring down here in south east Oz- you know that summer's is coming, and will be having a drink to that then!
Racked off the stout 7 Sept. Thats' a big bottle o' beer, Oi!

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