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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Late late late

I have a simple job and life style. Today, had to take # 1 to school at 7am for a running excursion. Back to bed. Up at 8:10- for brekky and loose supervision of the wild things.
No dishes put away because the dish washer did not go off!


Take the arms out- full of LARGE grit, so won't turn. HMPHPH!!! Will talk to boys tonight!!

Tried it again, and again. Worked.  Great.
Bye to the kids, finish brekky, hit the sack again, bash the snooze a few times and then the off and then woke up LATE.

Dang. Rush off, and then the P&T meetings for the girls.

The teachers love them, nothing wrong, doing so well, joy to have in the class.

Single dad, a bit of help, and I get that. Makes up for the sleep-in!

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