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Monday, September 13, 2010


I have some bad news
and some good news.
I was walking toodey
aroon the hoose .

Why was the rain water gutter wet?
Been No Rain?
Fixed the Block
in the nearby drain!

Hmm. wet Groond
the post for the garden tap.

It was in the path of the mad BMXrs...
Maybe they had bent it under ground and cracked the join?

So dug carefully aroon it.
Velly wet.
And lots of tree roots from the big tree a few yards away!
So the roots had bent it and maybe the kids had had knocked it too.
A wee crack in the pipe there was.
Oot wif dat den!
Soo ezy to undoo too!

Two bucks and ninety cents
for a plug and the nuisance post and leak
 was dissa peed...

Figjam does it again,
up the tradies
(sorry fellas)

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