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Friday, September 10, 2010

Been there

Today I was asked for a special; take some soft-drink out to the heliport. 18km later! And the river plain was flooded. The road was 'that' much from being flooded last night. The boss was lucky I didn't ask for twice as much for the trip- 100km to deliver some coke! But it was nice to get out of town. Might have been good to take the kids, but they were supposedly in school at the time, ah well.

I have not been out there for close to 7 years I reckon? There was a big chopper there- Executive Transport or something- as big as the Pres's one! A Supa Puma? Must have been some big wigs that missed the Citation or Lear from the Big Smoke. But really, who on earth would really choose a big fat super loud and vibrating like all shit sixty minute chopper ride anyway?

The heliport hasn't changed, and the guards did not recognize me one could have cos I recognized him. Don't know why that sort of hurt, was irregular I know since 85 but geez, more regular in the Noughties! There are new posters about having or a getting security card! Wow. It's different that much.

Of course the cases of bottles coke was not certified as a special delivery, no Name to Deliver it too, another call back to base. And another chopper was warming up as I called in, great. So the reception there was called up, and then the canteen, and I thought, Oh Great, looks like a wasted trip for someone.

Then someone turned up and said Hey that's for us!

Excellent. See ya losers.
So then I stopped along the way back at the rowing shed at the port- the rowing dock was way out. And Hard to get to.

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