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Thursday, August 26, 2010

A years worth of fads

8 months into the year, and a shower ponder today was- My Fads so far this Year, or hobbies and obsessions.

January and February I was worried at the start about continuing in more IT education.
So ended up enrolling for Cert III of IT at the TAFE and trying to not repeat the OH&S section
(don't ya love TLAs?).*

March and April, the portable vineyard, making wines. Started rereading Terry Pratchetts' Discworld novels.

May, fixing the girls computers and mine, backing it all up

June and July- repairing, altering the website, maintain the home web and the girl's new pcs. Should I move the TV and put the girl's pc's in the family room too. Vetoed!!!

July and August, chase up a weather monitor, setting it up, distilling the rejected wines, repairing the car, unblock the sewage. Enjoying th e weather station.

This month- Blogging and tax

All right, not really faddish behavior, just the bee bonnet thing, next thing, once under, forget the last, is a shame really.

Forget?! yep, listen to this:
For instance, I was asked to order some tickets at 9am Thursday morning but then, was not asked after all, but that was the key time to be at the tax accountants! Because I tried to finish off some recorded TV programs last night, and made it 20% of the way, I slept through the alarm, the news and just caught seeing the boys off to school. When I jumped up for brekky, I was reminded of the tickets, and THEN the appointment! ARGH! Called them, "no sweat tone! see u 2morow!"

Sorry excuse, too many things not important, lucky I am not on a rig offshore Louisianna...

*three letter blah b' blah blah blah

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