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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Thoughts on house keeping or not

11 August
Thoughts on house keeping or not

Again in the shower, a quick glance at the grime, grab the scourer and that's gone.
A glare out at the floor. Clothes and towels all over the place. I just tidied it all up!
I do not think I am a clean freak.  Just have look at my bedroom. Projects under way under other piles.
But, the bathroom is a shared resource dang it, like the kitchen sink and fridge.
They know where things come from, can they not replace items?
Don't bother answering- I was a teen too.
But still (whining...)
Makes me wonder why and how I can be such a selfish, self centred grumpy old bugger.
The kids are mostly great and good and resilient, and I let them get away with things too much, and get upset when the envelope is punctured, and we all get on.
Have dinner together, talk during the ads while the news of interest is on...

And the head is DENTED again from falling off.
Even in the simple career currently engaged in, I can not cope with everything else going on around me; I left something behind.
Had to go back to check where an item was THREE TIMES, then a late call- "Oh, found it!".
Buggerizations people, threshold of dents is coming up.

Head space- dun no ware tis.
But had a nice shower.

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