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Sunday, August 15, 2010

13 November Spring to Summer in Sale

13 November
Spring to Summer in Sale
We are Not right on the coast, but the seashor - for the last week- can smell the beach and seaweed everyday- or ozone? just a Great Summer in the air, and only November. Not like the penisular years ago, but OCEAN type air. The backyard thermometer reached over 30°C in 4 days in a row- and the last two days nearly there too.

Bought a telescope- little one- but have spotted a few of the moons of Jupiter
At Last- can see them with My telescope- cannot wait to see something of Saturn soon, later in the year anyway.
Shooting Stars/Meteors spotted this week too- at least the Green Guide guru said it was that time of the year for Leonides Showers- made sense- and frasssszz saw one tonight too
, mentioned could see more at 3:30 am Wed next week ------ exactly- nought reaction........ :-(

the grapes--- the minivineyard or mobile vineyard looks just fab- may make more than a gallon or two come harvest

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