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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Just trying to do it

Just trying another Blog Publishing site.
Here goes.
Was going to try a blog-site name of  'When in Doubt, think, don't shout', but how is that a blog site name?
My good friend and sister in law has a great one.
Even #1Son has a good one.

I like irony, satire, wry life observations or great funny sarcasm.
Anything to raise the eyebrow, bring on a whimsical or wry smile.

For example of a twisted observation that I made ages ago to two friends when we were having coffee at a place that is on the highway through town. A semi pulling a large load of 10 or 20 crushed cars ready for the steel mill went past, and I had always wanted to say this to an appreciative audience:
"Hey, that must have been a big crash." 
One friend  got it, but the other,  did not, being from the long islands?

And that was funnier to me than the initial observation.

You could hear the sonic boom as the comment went over. Not being racist, but taking a huge leap into a gigantic generalization of these people- they are not slow, are clannish and feudal, know nearly everything, and make good friends. From the small group I know anyway.

Ah well, tomorrow I am buying a decaffeinated coffee table...

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