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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

gurk 2010

Morunghurk 2010
Some Clan Pictures of Easter 2010 with Sunday Lunch and Spoons. Ahh, Easter.
Speaking of spoons, the Peanut Gallery developed a similarly Loud game of TEXTAS.
Joan and Alan had returned from a trip OS just before Easter, and were trying to fit into the local time zone and get some sleep/food/drinks in the right order, but there was more, it was the end of Daylight Savings...
We arrived Thursday evening- 320km, left at 4pm. Gurk at 7:30pm. Good trip. Took homemade wines, vinegar, made up my guacamole for the gang...  Better company, tried the new Pinot gris and an older shiraz. Hmm.
Friday was dull, with mist, not warm, but not chilly either. Some slept in. Quiet day, catching up news too. Scrabblers Scrabbling.
Saturday was better all around. Quiet too. More Scrabbling, cards
Saturday afternoon I went with a party back to the Cave, just a 30 minute walk Down the hill, and downstream. Some pics were taken last year.
Saturday evening meal- PIZZA! And then SPOONS! After the maddening satiated SPOONERS bled off to bed, Pete shove a few kilos of Beef in the bread oven to slow cook til lunch the next day.
Sunday Morning. For some there was a Physical Torture Routine- A Ride and A Run by Some. All returned, smiling...
Sunday Lunch- I was one of the designated spud peelers,  with 1 peeler at the time=======
(peeler utensils- 1!!!???, then 3 afterwards---hmmmm)
9kg peeled, and cut up, then cut up again.
La Chef and Anne organised a beautiful spread.
Kay and Terry, Carol and Ned came up to lunch with us all.
party of 40 odd or more?
jus wunnnerfull
then drove home after to pick grapes nex day
  One day in the life-     Drinking, Talking, Eating...     
Another day-     Sunday Roast- Slow cooked for 14 hours- the meat literally fell apart

Sunday Roast

The Spread, and a chef

SpoonsThe Tension--------
The Peanut Gallery------

Game One --------
Bon outlasted Pat
Game 2------------
I forget who won this one
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