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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dick Smith’s Population question, and there are elephants in the bloody room, you idiots

I liked Dick Smiths doco. The Q&A show was a disaster IMHO.
The Q&A program did not need dickheads like John Elliot or (woman, sorry about the missing  name) nor The Mining Industry attitudes that were displayed  and were unnecessary as were the usual arguments that always come up, like the ubiquitous 'we all know' from the pollies, or their assumptions that anyone that made it through high school would think like they do.
They do not always, sorry.
We should consume less, but that needs SENSIBLE EDUCATION from babes in arms time. Obviously.
These days we just pay tax, and  lose things like the SEC and Telstra. Thanks Jeff and John. NOT. Do not enjoy paying lots more for something that takes less people to keep it going.
I was annoyed that nobody grabbed Dickos thesis and tried to run with it or explore anything he was trying to put up.
And so what that stupid people may have helped him make enough millions that his kids are okay and he cares about the rest of us and all our futures and that he has a flying car in his garage?

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