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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bees and the Bonnet

Hi again.
I have been set a target.
Like the bees in the bonnet, I have been buzzing and buzzing.
I have looked at the end from this way. And then from that way.
Been very distracting.
The completion itself won't be satisfactory.
Which way to go? I am stuck. History hisses at me.
But I have to set this down if only to justify the time.
I will do it, I must, I must.
Otherwise I will go crazy because I want to do something else that is on my imaginary list.
The calender is there with a list, I will go there!
And I want to bullseye the target, really hate missing the whole thing.
I like completing things, like a book, always finish my books.
Starting things, depends on the outcome. Pleasure? Satisfaction? Completion?
Procrastination more like it.
Back into it, cut the buzzing, the playing.
Catch ya round like a rissole.

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