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Sunday, August 15, 2010

27 July weather monitor

27 July
weather monitor
The old pc is getting bogged down, no cd to fix it- got a 'newer pc' instead. With win7pro too. from zacks school as a 2nder. taken since Friday night to get it up to what I want- but still cannot get the bloody printers to work... , and got a weather monitor- what I have been lusting for for a few years.- All Thanks to a goverment kickback, which reminds me- gotta see that accountant soon for 8/9 and 9/10.
Added the weather site, and it is working well as of very early this morning!
Other updates|
#1 son made it to 18, we had a good party with no hassles, well the homemade fire fountain was a bit of a fizzer, the first ione was kicked UNDER a car parked next door, DOH what the?. Anyway. I like his friends- a good bunch.
Fraser been a little harder to monitor- helping himself and organizing a very busy social life- has a job with the local holden place cleaning up after school twice a week. Compared to last year, a dream.
The girls are growing up- get a bit of cheekiness now, and the room...
Could rattle on for hours.
Not tho.

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