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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

08 August thanks, and Night at The Opera

08 August

Well, today
 [as I showered today, pondering the state of the universe- like how cold it was this morning (like, -2°C!),
 and whether or not to turn 25 lites of oxidised yukky alcoholic Pinot Gris into brandy, 
and who to thank for such a nice day]

as I walked thru the house I noticed that Emmy was recording Queen onto her new desktop... Night At The Opera to be precise.

And I am not supposed to wear Rip Curl gear. Apparently. [I mean, the old pullover is old, but very nicely embroidered too.]

Anyway. Yep. The girls like my CDs of Queen, and Jethro Tull, 'Aqualung'. Fant-bludie-astic. Saves downloading some megabytes too.

Not sure what Tarnia would have said about Jethro- the song in particular is not really for tweenies, but she did not like old Jethro as much as I do.
But I am impressed that I have influenced the four kidliewinks that much, so far.

Back to original thought to post- I was reading National Geographic, and then went to check some of the places written about on the net on Google Earth. And after, while I was showering, I thought I better (not praying mind) thank someone for- the net, like DARPA and IBM etc. And I suppose Bill Gates too. And other smarter people, nerdy like me, that push us into the What If zone of existence. Where the current situation is ignored (like grief or hunger or screaming wife and kids) and another problem is solved!! Like inventing fire.
[ But that leads onto why there would not be nooky in the cave that night, long, long ago,
 unless there was a nice piece of roast Grizzly and its pelt to lie on next to the fire. 
And ever present hope that the neighbors won't come to take back their wood. And pelt. And Meat... ]

They say necessity is the mother of Invention. Sometimes I reckon it is just Laziness. Or Lust. Money? Look at Patent Lawyers.

So Thanks everyone involved in my happiness this morning- I can check out Baku, and Redwoods in California, and watch the ABC Landline in the comfort of my little castle. .  And the kids have turned the heater up to 20°C- darn them- costing me money...

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