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Sunday, August 15, 2010

02 August measurement obsession?

02 August

measurement obsession?

I had a thought that with the new weather monitor I have installed-
 I have a LOT of measuring thingos around the place.
Steel rulers, 1ft and 1m
other rulers 4 or more
Measuring tapes, 2 x 30m, 2 x 3m
Micrometer electronic x 1
Logarithmic tables (35 years old!)
matching slide ruler for above
Refractometer for Sugar in grapes
Alcohol measurement- spirts x 1
Alcolol measurement wine and beer x 4
Multimeter x 1
Cooking thermometer x 1
Clocks with temp/humidity x 3
weather stations x 2
Hi-Lo mercury thermometer x 1
Compasses x 3
Distilling temperature gauge electronic x 1
Brewing thermometers x 2
Scales x 4
measuring spoon sets x 3
measuring jugs x 4
Computers x 6
levels x 3
palm pc x 1
calculators x 4
'basic language' handheld sharp programmable calcu;ator
fever health thermometer x 1
sports heart rate watch x 1
electronic microscopes
kid microscope
too much stuff- hard to find it Right Now happens a lot.

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