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Sunday, December 19, 2010

DIY and activities monthly tally

Hmm. So far:

Webcam for weather watch project- failed- cost 54 dollars, software dependent... too hard.
Got a 10m USB cable tho!
Cracked car headlight, (too generous to senior staff!) got for $125, install...on hold, and:
Waiting on another bill for a cracked tail-light...

Garden Hedge and path- 17 plants- ten in- no path- started it anyway
Find spectacles in long grass at night- fail; new eyes midday & success due to a senior staff member.

Directors chairs two of, very wobbly; cannabalise seat and back; renew one not so wobbly- uncomfortable though; tight, hard...[at right above- new table middle- usual chair at left- comfy]

Garden hose trigger spray- oh, it is buggered, thanks for telling me junior staff: $4.95 to replace!!! Okay then.
Xmas tree- find, choose...chop down, $25, transport home, junior staff decorate, director to put up lights.!
Xmas lights- failing- too many to test- too old anyway, have to upgrade quality? I mean, 200 wee bulbs!?
Portable vineyard- watering, and cursing vivacious growth! Cuttings doing well. Fertilised. Sprayed.

Created backyard fire place for staff parties from old laundry machine- Nice One Dadda! The shelter is a bit cramped, but temporary...

Started on vitamins/fishoil/glaucosomine/good bacteria capsules.
Want to see a dentist for some CAVITIES.

Attempt to find out why a junior staff's computer screen (LCD) wont work, but a CRT does...??? Fail due to pc glitch, the "manufacturer/repairer/sales person" could not see a problem... Yet. But cheap as you get- expect that.
Three working LCD screens tested on it have a few moments displaying the desktop then No Signal- but a CRT keeps displaying- any suggestions?

Not DIY, but- over spent on the kids for Xmas- bugger, by 100% or more, Good Intentions my fat ass! If these practical gifts are not utilised- I will...I will...just...just...EXPLODE. Should be fun. So.

So Xmas cards are out of the budget, sorry dear reader.
Long list too. Family listing was forty or more, and friends same. Good thing, the Internet, I can send out Gigabyte Sized Family Movies instead...Enjoy!
Seriously- a message anyway, and Next Year- cards first in November, budget a hundred bucks and A4 size envelopes with A6 cards... Leave time to buy presents for Xmas Eve (nothing left in the shops to buy...! Cunning!)

So have sat on behind after all the above.
Ran out of reading material.
Started on the Bourne Trio Video Pack.
Slowed down alcohol intake- reduced nicotine intake a wee bit.
Nah, but will cut to zero New Years time...
Health kick (capsules etc), no results as yet... farting a lot tho.

Started school kids Summer Holidays- 17th December to February 4 new projects for staff...? What to do?



Xmas with family
Cricket For me and a senior staff member.
Pool time- if #1  item fulfilled?

Ah- holidays

Friday, December 10, 2010

Monday, December 6, 2010

Claim Marvined

Ah woe and wow- to just have a brain AND concentration saves time if both used together.

That stitch in time thing means something to some people- obviously not me.

I wanted to file a claim this morning, and got logged in STRAIGHTAWAY!

Well, good omen.

Proceeded to fill in the blanks as best I could, like DOH, yeah, easy.

Answered the usual questions, and tabbed YES NO where needed.

Without reading one question and the context...

Thought I had finished, printed transaction.

"DETAILS NOT CONFIRMED>SEE  or CALL someone" on the receipt.

I had Marvined myself- magnificent self-confidence smashed to smithereens.

Bugger- log on again- nah- SEE/CALL SOMEONE.. Again?

'Roight'. Needed to sort this out or no money at the ATM!

Called- robot wants too many details for the effort of a new registration (even though it understand English quite well!)- where is a person when you need one? Hang up.

Jump in the jalopy and race down to SEE SOMEONE about the buggered up transaction.

Waiting. See a different queuing sign- rock up to that one as it was 'empty'.
"Nah, ya have to go back to that queue". Wait. Wait. Same person comes back over, sees me, says "over here mate". Yeah?  Okay to talk to you now? Good.

Explain my Marvinedness, and I wonder aloud about me and stoplights, losing IQ (person says you never lose that- YEAH?! Should I have said any of that?)

So we proceed to clear up the wrecked claim form. Success. A bit of human interaction and there you go.
With a little frown, I was warned to not muck it up again or - what? Wait in the queue again next time?

I think it was a joke- there must be people as bright and/or dumb as me out there?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Visited by an alien in the bedroom....

After a shower, I wandered back to my room.

In the corner of my eye there was a WT?

A cicada pupae had found its way into my bedroom and shed the exoskeleton (argh- where's That?) and then crawled up the materia lto firm up the body and dry out the new wings on my bed's canopy (yeah yeah- but not poofy- keeps cold draughts from falling on me in winter- True!) .

I grabbed it and released it to the wild, where upon, as the day heated up (sub tropical again today), it joined in with all the other bastards to crick away at about the sound of a small plane going past.... can hear them over the sound of the car when driving down the street too!

I went out to record them and found this one fluttering about like a big--- baboon? nah, bumble bee! The birds around here love them to death...

I think they love it when the temperature gets to at least 20°C, currently 24°...
It would be good to add a recording of the cacophony, but alas, and lucky for you, it does not come across well at all.

hack it up and...

I retrieved an old washing machine from a dump list the other weegen, for the sheer pleasure of wrecking it so I could use the bowl as a fire pit in the back yard.

Two hours of swearing and WT*?

Managed to fill a small jar with useful maybe screws and bolts, and the water pump and main motor.

I was thinking by the end of it all, that it would make a great sieve for a new grape press- it is stainless steel after all, but then I would have to build a new frame as it is bigger than the present basket press frame. Bugger.

At the least, I may end up reclaiming some lawn, and have something to stand around at party time.

diy week- hifi

Last weekend, I wanted to listen to some old LPs lying around back from college times.
I usually crank it up after visitors have left, and there are still a few beers left over in the fridge.

The sound system has been going since the late 80's, and still sounds ok to me!

Firstly. Nearly two years ago I was astounded to hear CRAP coming from the (Pioneer) speakers!

Absolute crap!!!

What have the kids done to my HiFI, oh woe is me.... Took the covers off.

The rubber membranes holding the paper cones to the frames had gone hard and disintergrated!!

Three visits to the Electonic Barn and waiting a week for new rubber supports(?) or mountings(?) and forty dollars later, I had my sound back.
Yay me! Worked really well!
The high end music shops would have to wait a Long Time Now for me to buy new speakers!

So last weeegen.
Waiting for #2 to get off the bus, late.
Chilling out with Rumours blaring out- but in a funny way.
No matter what the right channel sounded weird- so off with its head, I mean cover.
Touched the woofer- NO VIBRATIONS AT ALL.
Shed- screwdriver- check the wires had not come off it.
No. Oh Oh.
Go get the multimeter.
No batteries- Rghah. Replace same.
Test- Nothing- the speaker was dead. DEAD. Ahhhhrg.

Monday. Back at the El Barn- "Can you? How much? and When? or this type?"
House- search for the f manual- yes- twenty five years later- the manual was at hand! Hm. The old speakers was this spec, and the old amplifier that spec, maybe need a better spec on the speaker? Make that TWO if upgrading, so back to Rob-
"yeah mate, old specs are these, should I upgrade"
Replies, of course:
"Yes, I think you better not go the forty, but the eighty watts pair for $130, just an extra $20?"
"Ah. Ok then. And pick up when...?"
dead woofer driver

If this worked, again the sound shops would miss out- although I always wanted 12" Tannoys in fridge size speakers, or Bang n Olfesun systems, or Bose types, the leetle boxes aroon the room... for several thousand dollars mind- but. Really don't use it that much or party too wildly to justify it... yet.

Wednesday- Rumours(LP) boomed out with hisses, clicks and BANGING out the drums sound. Sweet.

Friday, November 26, 2010

marvined by the plumbing

As you know by now, I like cutting out the experts, and fixing or doing home improvements all by myself. It is not rocket surgery.
The previous owners (in the 1980's) of my place of residence  [as of 2010] liked to make sure that the new owners (them and us) enjoyed a modernised Victorian/Edwardian type built house (1913),  but without the outside facilities! The was only  a modicum of electrical outlets around each and EVERY room. Like- ONE!? There was a wine cellar, irrigation for the garden and fruit trees and a garage to garage a Mini Minor {FYI  a very small car}. And  Tool Shed. ( The to be Alcoholery!)*
So an eon ago, the renovations were that the laundry and bathroom facilities were combined within the house, but in a room large enough to swing a cat by it's tail- fair dinkum, (just pivot upon one foot!). And a legacy hot water system. Another story.
Past readers may remember I cleaned the bathroom outfall recently. To great success IMHO.
Last weekend I took it upon myself to clean the U-tube of the shower as egress of the waste water was slowing down again, and having five people shower (almost) everyday, meant that hair was a problem, to be cleaned up by the adult - later on of course... 
A newish wire clothes hanger was undone and rebent (old ones are too stiff) as a hook for this jetsam (it doesn't float). At least that worked, but - not a lot was gained. The outflow was Still slow, and puddling up towards my ankles.
The old maxim of if it works leave it----- I still don't leave things alone even if it looks okay even a small bit...
So under the house I went, with the trusty tools of old- they worked last time anyway. It was not gunna take that long, three little plastic couplings! But being plastic plumbing pipe, it looked now like it would only handle one more monkey wrench - especially being recessed in the floorboards immediately adjacent to a bearer. The tools were difficult to use. Got it apart.
I cleaned out NOTHING from the pipes, NOTHING.
And then, would it all connect up again without a LEAK. BAH, NO-  so it could wait. Two hours Saturday, no tools could tighten the fittings, diy shops shut. Surely the o-rings were in place? Course- who would leave them out, or back to front? Baths only- at least that drains after you have finished.
My shoulders ached for NO reason early Sunday morning- what had I been doing lately for that!? AH! The DIY under the house- where I had moved the bricks to make room was still only enough to slide in under the flooring from the wine cellar, and on Saturday, it was uncomfortable, a bit. Would middle teenaged second boy have to have his first bath in years prior to Leaving for a Tassie trip via a ferry at lunch time... So try a another time to tighten up the ferrules. Nah- Bath time mate. Then drop him off at the city/ferry bound coach with a bunch of other kids. See you, be Good and have a good time, BYE!
Then to the shop.
Sunday. Two hours! - had to buy a tool just for plastic fittings at near closing time...
Still LEAKS! Even with another hand (#1 son) "up there" in the shower to apply torque, no success.
Monday, still no success! Another tool to make sure that one fitting was sealing the gap between the shower floor and the outlet. Forty dollars down. Six hours time. Shoulders sore enough to make me cringe on lifting my arms. Bugger it.
Tuesday. I was already down the street, and with no deliveries to do, why not get some NEW FITTINGS? $20 only!!
Got back . Half naked to change into grungy clothes, I was about to Get Back Under The Floor at 10:30am, and a little knock on the back door?! I had to cry wolf to a friend who would have loved to have had a coffee and so with a "Please let me fix this before I get a bulldozer in?", I missed out on a coffee break and was left alone with the Beast Under The Floor. Again.
The new fittings! But I could not get one old top one out! Well, they screwed together at first. Better to leave that one... Sawed and chiseled the bastard piece that would not undo with any cajoling, swearing or brute force on the specially bought tools... Had thought to use a little jet flame to melt the lot! Hmm mm. Nah, get going mate!
An hour later- no nearer to tightening up that last few turns!!!! COFFEEEEEEEEE
Work interrupted a fair bit of swearing a little later....
SILASTIC!!! Looked like that was the only way? NO!!!
So it was tightened up by 1:30pm. 
LEAKS...... @#$%^&* !
"SILASTIC!!!!" I replied to my really annoyed tired perplexed and by now lazy bloody self!
Seemed to work. So nearly ten hours later and down about sixty bucks, I think I tamed the Leaky Beast I had created
Had a shower and went off to band practice with the twins, with a drop of water hanging off the U-tube. More silastics rather than hysterics, me-thinks...

*The Forever Bride did not notice  discrepancies, and anyway, we could always add a ensuite anywhere we wanted to! Sure.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

At Last, A grrreat Sailing Sess-shon

Cup Day, first Tuesday in November, I was asleep by 1am and up at 5.45am.

I was going sailing. The weather had not been that great for me for ages- I need a good breeze from the south west, not WSW or SSW, just SW. My younger brother, Sime, had been on the blower a few times over the last few weeks about going south to my favourite sailboard sailing spot in Australia and getting wet and tired.

I retired hurt from the field with sore ribs (suspected fracture?) last year. After crashing out after a catapult at speed I had returned to shore for a snack and figuratively lick my wounds. When I returned to the waters edge for another speed run, I could not raise the boom above my shoulders. Owwwww! "Limped" home 150km and tried to not cough, sneeze or even laugh for a few weeks. I have only been back once since then.

Last weekend- I got out all my speed sailing gear. My board is a a 'Speed' slalom type, early nineties. A 5.9m2 course racing sail by Neil Pryde. A30cm slalom fin. A speed seat/waist harness. Carbon fiber lightweight mast. A thin boom. And spares. Floss and needle. Screwdrivers. Socket and knife combo. A few spare sails and masts and booms. Spare board, a Fanatic Cross 100, hardly ever used, as it is a bump and jump freestyle type. Did not check everything though.

All loaded into the latest sailing vehicle, a Mercedes 2.9L van. Easily.

West, entrance more to the left.
Tide was IN.
East, speed course around a little bit more.
Fueled up and left by 6:55am, and arrived at 8:30 with a full tide, up to the tree line, so I eased the van around the beach in shallow water. First to arrive! Sime messaged, he had left the big smoke, would be there in 90 minutes. He was not going to miss much, the wind was sketchy and slight from the NW.

I thought to rig two sails to match conditions, the racing rig and a smaller 4.5m2.
Hitch! The spare masts were incorrect for the chosen sail- too big or too small= ERGH!! Ah well, just have to de-rig the big one if I had to. Marvined.

Then the harness lines turned out to be shot! Tried to fix or replace them, but I was out of luck, I would have to just carry on with what I had.

Sime had a few friends there too by lunchtime.
He encouraged me to ask to try a demonstration board and rig- Lightwind short board (ultra wide!) and a 8.5m2 sail! It was suggested that since I had not been out for a while, I better try a smaller setup- OK.
One run was fine- I had not lost my skills- came back without falling in. Now for that big rig.

I was gob-smacked. As I sped back up the course, I was thinking,

                                       GET THE CREDIT CARD!

It was great, and on the edge of my capabilities, I did not have weight enough to hold down the rail, I could not steer quick enough among the other Slower Sailors! Specially ones that capsized in front of cos they did not realise I was THERE. But I did not crash out, or try any smart maneuvers either.

I want that setup. Me and my old board and sail let me down along with the slow conditions and my own unfitness. I spent more time swimming to the bank than actually sailing. That's the rig below- once set up right, it still does a good job.
January 2000

I need new harness lines too, they are in the post- but I will not get it in time for the weekend!

Can't wait for another sess-shon!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

DIY complete

Finished at last.
Satisfaction not 100 percent, but looks great and works.
Three trips and a half out there.
Including two more trips back to the hardware store. Bolts. Hammer Drill.....

How long does drilling a hole in a brick take?

Well, six holes as I did do two in the wrong place...

Answer- bloody too long!

DIY tools need to be better than present belongings!
Have to RTFM with spectacles on too.
Give up when approached when really a more proficient and sue-able person should do the jobby.
Well, nah, will do practically anything worthwhile nearly anytime, lookem whaten Oim' doum!

Friday, October 15, 2010

diy and marvined

As posted back awhile, I was engaged for a job that I could not finish at the time..
A few days ago, I returned to finish it orf wif a new tool or two.

Unfortunately, I installed the mounting device wrongly, I.E. did not RTFM.
This meant that it had to be removed and remounted in the correct place.

Marvined by thinking that the installation was so easy, did not have to RTFM,
Just went ahead, measured by sight and and and...

Unfortunately, (again!) the mounting device has to be destroyed as it is Stuck.
This means a pic to prove!

Anyway this also means more time away and another few tools.
The van will soon be a toolbox on wheels.

I must fix the "DIY" soon, to be trusted for future jobs, but...
I don't think the time/motion/distance/satisfaction equation is going to be positive.

Two skun knuckles- hurt. Wasted diesel. Got some new tools!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Hi, my other name is Marvin

Me. Always thinking, not Einstein's type of thinking of course.
Easily distracted. Does that or this deserve a quick witty remark or put down? Do I have to smile? Can I smile? Don't! Well, that is a new life lesson for another day, but oh yeah, marvined.
I think about all sorts of things. Unless I am engrossed in an activity that requires actual supervision of the extremities or the concentration of achieving the immediate goal like avoiding the cretins that the government lets loose on the public roads, I.E. everyone but me.
Just like Marvin*, with a "brain the size of a planet" and his problems and chores that are of minutiae compared to what he could do, I think too much if left to it, unless I can quickly doze off. Or do this- it seems a way to let off a lot of steam, I tell ya.
I categorise these under pondering, shower ponderants and uncategorised/able.

How marvined am I usually when relaxing at home:

Well, when I am in My Area (Children kept away) I check out crap like this or Facebook or in-boxes and or my weather monitor whileI  watch my TV shows [I will ween myself as soon as they get rid of attractive actresses, funny series's and/or good enough drama shows]. And /or listen to the local radio station as well for news or comment. But not for music anymore- weird. I can categorise TV shows into a few types of attention grabbing levels.
  • Solitaire (Spider)
  • Web Surfing or playing Railroad Tycoon Deluxe (from 90's about)
  • Email check ad break
  • snail mail check in an ad break
  • kid check in an ad break- "BED TIME!"
Now this can be explained thusly-
Solitaire means I can follow the show using a sorting side of my total brain capacity while concentrating on the story, unless the scenery is interesting, like some great photography of the Sphinx or some blue green turtles doing nothing, near a surf beach where volleyball might be on...
Web surfing means that the show is not that interesting  or does not need to be analysed in great depth, because the web surfing or PC use in general is the main activity instead. Like now, the radio world news is on.
Hang on- I appear to be doing a womanly thing here, two or more things at once!! Wow! Coz I am probably supervising the fighting (and fit) children too.

Marvined with hoose werk.

Och, better do the vaccuming. Bugger, the bloody kids left this out... was that the mail man? Better check the mail and emails... surfing, and then, bugger- the vacuuming job, the kids will home soon- dang, forgot to hang out the washing... Or need a hammer and nail for a picture. Out to the garage. Oh oh- the wine needs racking off, won't take a min... Then tipity tip tip tap- bloody hell, is that rain? The clothes!!! And the bills or mail to go to the post office. Oh well, next time I go out? Look at date due- JBC! GDI! Rip orf doon the street anyway...Oh the time, I gotta be at work, bludy heck!
The list placed on the fridge under a magnet (I recommend cleaning magnets for glass fish-tanks: BIG) is getting old, frayed, wrinkly, smelly and nearly completed, ready for a new one. It takes years but then it is done. Being Marvined all the time, there is no real priority given to items on a list. Cos a few a pretty expensive! A new roof. The large branch over the veranda. A new double garage. Gardening. Vegetation under the power line. The noise under the car. The car climate display. The bloody yard. Lawns. Mosquito spraying.
It is not a hard life- I am coping with more work which is a good thing- as long as I am not distracted with thoughts- last week there was a a mistake, not bad, as I was thinking of how I was going to do the job, and not thinking of the job at hand right then! Ah well.

When DIY wont, a comic tragedy of errors.

Asked a few days ago to help out a friend out with some DIY around their Bran Noo Hoose oota toon. That is, the next town.
Confidence misplaced I am thinking and saying, but no! Okay then.

After lunch today, did some homey stuff- laundry, garden, PV* stuff, then sorted out the job tools- this? or that? power cable- nah.
She called, late, to organise a pick up. Okay.

Waited for a pick up. Late. Drive to hardware store, checked the list, RTFM etc.
Shopped for the screws and bolts, okay. Noo mailbox at next stop.
Go home first? No. Drive on.

Oh oh.
Forgot cell phone- need it?
No. Drive on driver.

Ten minutes uncomfortable small talk.
Outskirts of town, before the bridge.
Oh oh.

No tools!

That was the point of going home first, you idiot-self!
To driver, Sorry, but I forgot the tool box, but I will drive my car back out? Sorry. It's okay?
Get back, say see ya later, and sort out the tool box, stuffed in the back, and eldest cadges a lift into town. Forgot to grab cell.

Drive on out again. 3pm now. Door locked- waiting again.

So. Mount a mail box? Here? Okay.
Yeah. Off to a power point. Drill 4 holes.
Back to mounting point.
Screw in but holes too small...
Back to power point and drill.
Back to fixing point.
Three screws in.
DA DAH! How's that? Yay me!
Last screw- a gap. Bloody hell.
Bugger it. Leave it- its fine- just have to bring a power cable or cordless drill next  time I visit for One Last Thing...

All righty then.

Laundry line- Yeah I can do it. Back brick wall. Easy Install!
Nah. Wrong drill, and drill bit.
One hole. 30 minutes.
Next hole- NAH, won't penetrate. Brick too hard?
Is it worth 150 bucks for a new drill and bit to do it properly? For 'free'?
Forget it! For now.
Maybe I do need some new tools?

Next job.

Mount the dryer in here up here over the washing machine. Okay, easy.
Knock knock knock - here! A noggin or stud. Good.
Drill pilot hole.
No wood to mount the hanging plate. J.B.C.!!!
Proof- GAP behind the plaster board where it needs to go.
Another two drill holes later... Finally found the wood.
No good, the plate needs to be Here, Not There. Have to put a plank in.
Back to the drawing board Magoo. Cannot mount on plaster board!
Show the problem and talk about it. Drawing board.

Oh well, next jobbie?

The new HUGE flat-screen TV to be mounted on the wall?
I am saying NAH, I think I have done enough damage and dodgey shit work today, besides, it's knock off time.

"That's okay-  come back again when you can."

"Really? Well, okay then, see ya", weakly. Oh dear.

Get home, and #2 son says to me- "I called you".

Multiple Failures on my part- as do not want something to happen where injury will result, or utter humiliation at the dodgey job. Thank god I was not asked to do the painting out there. Well I was- but avoided the issue. Some how. 
I am sure I would have stuffed that up, even if it is so easy these days.

Gunna have to buck up there, boyo, and really do things properly.

*Portable Vineyard

opposites attract?

If Tarn was alive today I think I would be able to say to her that some idiot internet dweeb had her pinned down to a T!
Apart from me being nerd too.

My attention was distracted the other day by a time-wasting* fun spreadsheet. 

Putting three DOBs in, I got the following lists below for people I knew.

I was Tarn's partner for her adult years and I can see her characterised below.
I read one and said- Yeah- I can see that!
It described my Tarn.
So I put another date in. And another.

Which after doing it, made me think, that pretty well anyone can put a list together of characteristics.
If you think of some one you k now well, on that list will be all/some of their characteristics anyway.
Especially something that reminds you of the times that makes you think of them, but reading a random collection, something will definitly tickle a memory, and voila- That Is That Person!

So I was sucked in, but- In a beautiful way too. 

I could see her in the list. 
It was a great reminder of my partner, who she was, what drove her, what attracted me to her.


If I disagree- ttt, and really agree with ttt. The most easily recognisable to me have a ! or ??!!

DoB (shes a LADY!) born on a Tuesday
* Stubborn and hard-hearted
* Strong-willed and highly motivated
* Sharp thoughts
* Easily angered
* Attracts others and loves attention
* Deep feelings
* Beautiful physically and mentally
* Firm standpoint
* Easily influenced
* Needs no motivation
* Easily consoled
* Systematic (left brain)
* Loves to dream
* Strong clairvoyance
* Understanding
* Sickness usually in the ear and neck
* Good imagination
* Good debating skills
* Good physical
* Weak breathing
* Loves literature and the arts
* ! Loves traveling
* High spirited
* Spendthrift 

Compared to me.... born Sunday Night- 8pm

* Thinks far with vision
* Easily influenced by kindness
* Polite and soft-spoken
* Having lots of ideas
* Sensitive
* Active mind
* Hesitating
* Tends to delay
* Choosy and always wants the best !
* Temperamental ?
* Funny and humorous
* Loves to joke
* Good debating skills
* Talkative
* Daydreamer
* Friendly
* Knows how to make friends
* Abiding
* Able to show character
* Easily hurt ?
* Prone to getting colds ?
* Loves to dress up
* Takes time to recover when hurt ?
* Brand conscious
* Executive 
* Stubborn
* Those who loves me are enemies?

And where it is really weird, is this characterisation of another friend, which was amazing! Not necessarily true tho.
* Fun to be with

* Secretive
* Difficult to fathom and to be understood
* Quiet unless excited or tensed
* Takes pride in oneself
* Has reputation
* Easily consoled
* Honest
* Concern about people's feelings
* Tactful
* Friendly
* Approachable
* Very emotional
* Temperamental and unpredictable
* Moody and easily hurt
* Witty and sarky
* Sentimental
* Not revengeful
* Forgiving but never forgets
* Dislike nonsensical and unnecessary things
* Guides others physically and mentally
* Sensitive and forms impressions carefully
* Wary and sharp
* Judge people through observations
* Hardworking
* No difficulties i ???

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Weather II

Today has been extreme outside.
I love my weather toy.  Another perfect day in paradise... voila:
29° at the aerodrome, and 28°C IMBY, and quiet until a cold front arrived.Temperature Graph Thumbnail
It was presaged with some gusty winds and thunder from about 4pm, and at 10pm, Bang, the Westerly blew in at 35-50kmh!Weather Graphs
Pressure Graph Thumbnail   Wind Direction Thumbnail

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

ramble tamble


from the age of 14 I always thought it was bells in the instrumental passage.

wrong bong

I think its is piano or electronic keyboard- but always Loved this song to Bits

liked the prediction of the actor in the white house after 1980's.

Find it and like it.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


mowers in Greenland, and global warming, from 1992

Non Sequitur has a cartoon 16 Nov 1992, mentioning selling mowers in Greenland, and global warming. So how long have pollies been hiding under the bed from the rest of the educated world…????

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Van, work

I upgraded work procedures today.

Instead of tossing the items to be spread across the landscape into the back on the floor of the great big van, the clients goods will be properly counted, sorted, and placed separately into newly purchased crates, either 52l or 75l. Eight should be enough for now.

Previously items were just chucked into cardboard fruit boxes. By the way, FYI, the styro-foam ones break apart too quick, and leave a mess as well. But the boxes were too shallow and items would roll out or off and around and contaminate other boxes, or slide around, pretending to be free... Please note that no eggs have been broken in the new vehicle.

As the van floor is nearly half an acre and flat, and the big new crates have rollers, guess what?

How boring can work get?

Other fun times with the family wagon. The former delivery vehicle.

Two boxes of carton milk (12 each) fell out the back at a turning light when I sped up to catch the green turning light after the slow coaches in front finally found out how an accelerator worked. None burst, and the boxes were slightly dented. Sorry about that, but I evidently forgot to secure the tailgate.

Friday, October 1, 2010

self help/slow realisations & awkward situations, back then, or I I I I I I...

The last 25 years have been weird for me.

I found I loved more than I could.
I have found that missing someone hurts so much I can't see for tears when watching some films or TV show. I avoid horror and bad SF, why waste time. Sad movies/TV, depends.

I think that I seem to base some of my life on what I hear, what I see, what I read.
And reading back on that, idiot self, is how 99.999% of the rest of the world does it.
Another life revelation.
Maybe I should not read into what some people tell me what or who I am,  or that I 'should' do this or that. Either deeply or at face value. But I do. And I think it is to hurt me, cos sometime I just don't give a damn, I rise above the trouble I am in as if it is not there. B+++t I do,  I just need time to sort and fix  things, on my terms Thankyou.
Their life has no Rolls or a pool, and maybe no lifelong partner either, nobody is perfect.
Everyone changes inconspicuously anyway with each and every life transaction. And every one has advice and life experiences to share. Gotta respect that at least.

People have left their mark on me somewhere somehow sometime, and right now one sticks out.
Bev said to me once when I was needing to forget my shitful life at one time, not to drown my sorrows with my mate, 'life has to go on, and drinking won't help us'. Braked at that, and was sensibly morosely drunk without losing it. For once. Wished I had wakened them at another time, really do.

My own folks helped me get into and through tertiary education. Shocked at that as they were. And me. We were all on a shoe string, and got through on it too. That is what got me into this little parable. The eldest is leaving us in the next year, and my resources and resourcefulness will be sorely tried, and advice ignored...

I am basically an opportunist, a modernist, definitely a consumerist.
A DIY type mostly, but I do have the latest expensive gadget when I can afford it.
A camera cost over a grand once, the same thing now is a days work or less. Same with my lil ol TV, & PVR...
I like making wine and beer and spirits from scratch, even converted a ruined batch of (river bank plucked blackberries) jam into wine.
Last year I burnt the shit out of a expensive pot making cordial from home grown lemons.
I was down the street a little bit too long, got in the door and wondered at the noise screeching through the hall, raced down to the kitchen. Shit, the pot, it was smoking like buggery!
Took the pot out the back with the poor cat TEARING past me and it burst into flame (the cordial remains, not the cat).

I think I am a perpetual student, and life observer. Cynic, sarcastic critic. Agnostic or atheist. Soft, tender, class 1 ah***, too strict, and very chillaxed as confident in them the kids. Easily amused at American and British humour, somewhat annoyed at Aussie tv/films. A dumb easily distracted shite ful person of either too much integrity, not enough, or even none at times.

I have 15 or more video tapes of family occasions. Drunk one night a number of years ago I watched some.
In one I found myself being a completely selfish pig at a birthday party. Much tears.
In others I saw little boys growing up and performing for their Mummy and Dadda with air guitars in the back yard or making cubbies with the lounge cushions and the Decaffeinated Coffee table.
A few have eclipses of the sun and the moon too.
Not on the same tape mind, cos they don't really happen together in the same year, as far as I can tell.
And then after the accident, the girls and boys birthday parties and Christmases and Easters. Sports and clan gatherings.

I once was asked to see what was wrong with a company PC back in the workshop.
I plugged in any old cord, switched it all on and WOOF.
Wrong power.

I was making the coffee once. The phone rang. I walked around the bench to answer.
And filled the coffee jar up instead of my mug.

It will only be four of us next year, the girls and boys almost autonomous. Hopefully they will cook and clean their own homes. Not great, god noes I aint! The shopping is fun, "STOP PUSHING THAT THING!" and the "CAAN WE HAVE????"
Rumphhh. "no".

Its all me.

Tarn was a great part of my life. Twenty years of it. Tarn was an old fashioned girl. A proper girl? Definitely of good moral character. I had to laugh at a piece in "Married,Single,Other" the other week where a character had had to "wait". Been there brother. (Such a sad series- great, just too sad, another well done Brit fing).
Tarn did not swear before she met me. She said.
By the time we were ensconced in Crawley, a few years after we started going out, she swore a little. It's so hard to remember which level she got to, LOL, but, I think I was better off for her being a brake on that sort of thing, cos coming back from an oil-rig, the language skills had run done to the basic communication needed between guys...
We do have a certain level of language around the house now, or I may be smote!
The menu she had by then was really good, better than mine by then for sure. But cos "we were modern", she taught me what to do. "Sharing". There I learnt to make Guacamole myself- the only way to eat avocado. The sharing did not mean the house was less dusty, I had to do that.

Tables turned again when we had the first child later in Melbourne. I was the eldest of six, and was babysitting since 9 years old, so nappies and bathing and feeding was like water off a ducks back. Tarnia never did tell me what she thought of that, I was just right in to it. God that was a night, she crushed my wedding ring to an oval, no drugs or needles, just the gas, pass the gas, NOW, sort of. Strong. Fan-bloody-tastic. Another tearjerking night out, at the hospital. With my mom-in-law too. And a bottle of bubbly, unlawful apparently.

Crying- yeah, they have to exercise, or burp or do something to interfere with delicate nocturnal activities that had to be re-learnt.

We had a few weeks in that time of Not Talking. Laughable, and forgotten now. Time to think and change some neuron paths.
Car travel was long and quiet at times too. Dunno.
It was hard to get Tarn to drive tween Adelaide and Melbourne before children.
After children, was okay for her to speed around the state to see the folks if I was off working. Which was good. I needed her to be more independent of me, to trust herself. I could not do anything if I was far far away. And Tarnia was the money sensible one too. Hence the hoose, moose.

Monday, September 27, 2010

what a week!

see? to many thorts...
One night/morning, a list appeared to me of my life as girls I had fallen for and the music at the time.
And then in the shower, other ponderables occurred to me. and became un-ponderable with days.
As I am watching Glass:A portrait of Philip in Twelve Parts, there was an almost frission with him.
He was describing music as not imagined, just needed to be written down as if it appeared as a tree from the mist in the park as you neared it, or the mist cleared. My paraphrasing.
Yeah, I have a heading and a start, then a preamble, and then a ramble, then a short conclusion.
Awright, and pologies to them:
Wendy J, Joanne S, Jenny P, Sue G, Tarn A. Some of these people have literally disappeared, others, gone for ever. Another had hair to her bum, and moved off to have kids with another potter. Nat, Dan.
Music to match? Primary school memories of the radio? Beatles. Rocket Man. Super Tramp. Beach Boys. Queen. Skyhooks. BTO. Dire Straits. U2.
Mostly dark haired and mostly brown eyed too, one had very curly hair, JS I think.
Sometimes try to track them down through old school friends, or now, google and facebook.
My friend Marshall was surprised at a thing I mentioned the other day. Once a long time ago, we had a large collection of empty Alpine packs.  I remember when I was young...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

car #7

After 6 months of gazing at a Mercedes in the car-park, the bank let me have one.
And the family car can have a rest- poor thing. A quality vee-hee-cal doin' deliveries!?

Its only a van, mind. Second hand too.
Big inside enough for the courier work, and ALL THE WINDSURFER stuff. Bigger than Lev
Oh yeah, and sleeping too.
So when the speed week comes up soon, off we go this year, the first time for years.
Maybe will afford it.
Even compete?
Will see.
At 30 bucks a month for another 3,003 years and 1 month, I think it is a cheap investment...

Weeelel, that's not quite right.
The investment was a better deal than that, within budget.
And hopefully will be able to do piece work for other little places around town.

helping a friend

Today I was asked to help out an ex-girlfriend. I cannot just say NO.

Not me. No excuse not to, I have the time. I suspect she knows that as well.

Anyway, she was a little late, as usual, to pick me up. Or should I say, her car was driven up by her eldest, The Learner Driver.

We were to measure some blinds and to see if they would fit in the windows at her new house she had just got built, in the next town.

There was the usual parental directing from the front passenger seat- Slow Down Please or We Will Pull Over and Swap Drivers! Been there! We arrived and his hoonish type car was scrapped up over the curb into the not yet made driveway. Advice offered on how to avoid scrapping the exhaust off next time he parked the car. Hope it did not seem boorish and in one ear and out the other.

It is a nice new house, largish bedrooms, two lounges, big block, with a bit of a view out the back to the south across the valley.

The blind did not fit the window, too long, needed to be cut? Hmmm. Hmmmmmm. Off the shelf does not always fit. Maybe get a shop to do it? I could fit it, but would the trim be neat enough? Dunno, dunno.

The blind did not fit back into it's box either!

Well, it was not me that stuffed some one else's dream up this time. There were alternatives.

Will keep posted- may be a handyman job there after-all!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Vineyard and Alcoholery Production (cof cof...)

The Portable vineyard is coming along fine, the nursery vines seems to be growing well and the cuttings are a low percentage success. The last three weeks have resulted in a few drinks being made.
Some liqueurs have been made up, like anise flavoured, cinnamon flavoured and vanilla bean flavoured. Half a litre high alcohol content with ingredients should make up a nice drink around Xmas time, just seive the stuff out and add sugar- about 300g and equal amount of H2O.
Will be making limonella too, the lemon tree has stayed the course after a severe hair cut, and the fruit looks good. Poor old thing may need some more cut off it next year.
Have not made chocolate milk stout for a few years, so out to the brewery- and now have two-dozen-plus long-necks maturing. Give them six weeks and that will be a nice little present for other afficiendos too.
From 8 kg of sugar, managed to 'scrounge' 5 liters of base, enough to make 10 liters of spirits, or about 14 bottles of whotcar. Carbon filtering should remove most smells, or will 'scrounge' it again. Need to 'scrounge' some afters too, and maybe the horrible wine off the garage vine will be added to that. Faux brandy even!

The Portable Vineyard as of middle September:
There are at least three Shiraz cuttings, 5 Pinot and two chardonnay budding at the moment, and last years shiraz cutting are really doing well.

Monday, September 13, 2010


I have some bad news
and some good news.
I was walking toodey
aroon the hoose .

Why was the rain water gutter wet?
Been No Rain?
Fixed the Block
in the nearby drain!

Hmm. wet Groond
the post for the garden tap.

It was in the path of the mad BMXrs...
Maybe they had bent it under ground and cracked the join?

So dug carefully aroon it.
Velly wet.
And lots of tree roots from the big tree a few yards away!
So the roots had bent it and maybe the kids had had knocked it too.
A wee crack in the pipe there was.
Oot wif dat den!
Soo ezy to undoo too!

Two bucks and ninety cents
for a plug and the nuisance post and leak
 was dissa peed...

Figjam does it again,
up the tradies
(sorry fellas)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Portable Vineyard 2010/2011 season

The Portable Vineyard was finally weeded, tended, fixed, fertilized and mulched. There were new buds on the potted vines on 1 September, and now the established vines are budding too

The nursery plants were also fixed up, with some re-potted.
Chardonnay and Pinot 2010

What is it?
Last count was 29 Shiraz/Syrah vines in pots at various stages- 15 fruiting vines, the rest the nursery vines. There are also 6 chardonnay and 2 Pinot Noir vines along the veranda that are producing, the birds got last years chardonnay, and the liter of pinot wine turned to vinegar, but it was a great red wine vinegar! there was a real sense of achievement when spaghetti bolognaise tasted just fine with it added.

 In a addition to the potted vines are the original 6 vines planted in 1999 out along the back fence (4) and next to the shed/bungalow (2). These are the origins of the Portable Vines, cuttings propagation.

Production currently
Last year I managed to coax enough fruit for 5 liters, or nearly 6 bottles of shiraz, and the same this year.

The wine from last year was really nice, I don't think any is left to mature more than a year! I could be wrong... I will have to check the Micro Wine Cellar. I am pretty sure there is none in the Alcoholery*!
[ *That's the Beer/Wine/Spirit Making Shed, abbreviated from "Brewery/Winery/Distillery Ex-car Garage". ]

But Why?
When we bought the place (1998) there was a vine against the garage. After the first summer there was HEAPS of grapes. I asked a home brew shop owner what could I do with it. I had to buy a beer brewing kit, and also enough ingredients to make Milk Stout. 

So that is why I make wine at home.

From a book published in Australia, I learnt that about 50 wine grape vines would be a fine idea to make enough for a years consumption- up to 50 bottles a year I think was the idea, but when you only have a quarter acre, you have to compromise... So when pruning three year old vines, I kept them to make cuttings propgation, and that started it all.

Now I have a shelf full of wine making and beer brewing books.

A garage full of brewing equipment. And bottling stuff and Bottles...

I read about Canadian Ice Wine- a sweet wine made by letting the berries freeze, and squeezing the unfrozen juice out to ferment. The vines were grown in old barrels, cut in half and mounted on trolleys!  I guess that this was so that they could be wheeled in and out of the barn or green house for winter. 

So that is why it is a Portable Vineyard, if I have to sell up, it all comes with me!