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Monday, April 6, 2020

Slow down

Well probably, here anyway, rather update to other one if you dont mind clicking to the wordpress "dia-ration". This weill be there.

"And So!"
  2020= lockdown, trumps parastism extending putridness all over the west- wake up stupid yankees, stop me now, but social media over there has gone mad attacking "Dear Leader". Good.

Don't like to say but times are a changing, not off the block this last week, hopefully another project rears it's head soon, the garden has been "shredded" but cannot dump the mess- "non-essential travel"? My SA...

Did I ever mention I am now a multi-prop drone pilot? Even got paid for some promotional drilling rig pictures last year while on a drilling job, most satisfying. And also a model plane learner driver- just in case a fixed wing drone job cames up.

A new yacht graces the water down the little pond, and an updated older model sports a new rig, they are both most excellent little boats.

Spent time reparing or making sure two old portable CD players work and both twenty five years old- one had shit batteries ands ruined battery compartment so it only works on acdc power now, ouch, but has a line out jack- the sony one does not, but as a marvin example- both had the "hold" switch on, held me back ten miutes til I wotrked that out, did not want chuck out more bloody modern technology- I do hate that.

Just finishing off a small garage cleanout- last two boxes of SF mags. I first started reading and then buying Ananlog Science Fact and Science Fiction, Isaac Asimov's SF mag, and Fantasy and SF magasines in 1979 when I started uni, work that bookshelf length! Very sad to find out that the recyclers do not take books and magasines for recycling- straight to the trash pile! I did not think anyone would want them so bye bye over half my lifetime's reading material. But, it is online so really no floods of tears.